Thursday, May 20, 2010

curly hair

yer. just curled my hair this afternoon. went to a new saloon with Wee, introduced by Katty.
i jing ran forgot to see the name of the Saloon -_-

i'm still not used to this new look lor.
when i first looked in the mirror i almost cried. T_T
so different from the one i pointed out in the book. haha

but but.. owh well.  i miss my not-so-straight-hair. :((

and, i have no idea how to volumize my hair or whatever term you use lah. =.=! all so confusing.
thank goodness i have Wee. she'll teach me tomorrow. but don't know whether she knows what she's doing or not. haha!

P.S. today is my phone's birthday.!
we've been together for 3years now, and just know that despite all that flaw (which i've covered up with tonnes of blings), i still love you. i really do. though sometimes i lust over other more sexier phones (blackberry/E72 *cough), at the end of the day, i'll still love you. though at times i accidentally drop you and secretly wish you'd die, deep down in my heart, i knew you'd never leave me. cos you just love me too damn much to let me go.

oh i'll get straight to the point:
why won't you just leave me already???

hahaha just joking. i love you my pink bling phone. ^-^
three years, and our relationship's still growing strong. hoohoo ~ ♥

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Joan said...

wth man. if only ur phone can read. lol.