Sunday, May 23, 2010


i've uploaded a lot of pix for this post, sad to say, 3/4 of them are of Korean actors.! hahaha
i'm sure you all are shaking your head in disapproval. but i just can't help it  :S

i realize i'm very talkative nowadays. i just can't shut my mouth and sit still -_-
gahhhh why am i so annoying?? D:

 this morning was mum's confirmation  ^_^
along with Joanna sapo as well! hahah ~

my mum was so happy she had this happy vibe all morning.
  sadly dad isn't here, he's currently in the Philippines enjoying the goodness of pork, pork and more pork. wtf
so we had no photographer D:
but mum wanted a pic so i took using my phone luhh :P

lately i'm addicted to cute tissues wakaka~~
just now bought baby looney toons one. ! ZOMG SO CUTE ARHHHH ~~~ <3

Friday night was our very first musketeer gathering. ;)
Jac dalring and i went to Ming's after novena. waited for Bobby and Teck Ann.
eat eat eat, then went to Boat Club.
played with the swings blabla. then we sat on the bench and listened to songs. held a mini concert of our own too. :b

it was fun. hehe.
we even wore couple shirt. HAHA!! rofl

ahh~ update over. i guess you know what's coming next? :O~

Lee Min Ho !! <3 <3
you are so so hot!!

and cute! ZOMG i love your smile. *~*

Kim Bum.
oh please stop winking. you're giving me a heart attack. D:

koreans ftw!

now if only Korean girls aren't as hot, we Malaysian girls just might have a chance. T3T

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