Sunday, May 2, 2010

life without internet :

 had no internet connection since Saturday til Sunday afternoon! WTF
this was what i typed out in notepad this afternoon .__. 

life without internet is.... dead boring. =(
here i am typing this on NOTEPAD!! freakin notepad because there is no internet connection for me to type it in blogger *devastated*

what did i do during these two days without internet?

#1 play Plants VS. Zombies while listening to my favourite songs
#2 play Starcraft                  while listening to my favourite songs
#3 edited a new header !     while listening to my favourite songs!! :D


i've been listening to the same playlist for the past two days i can practically memorize all the songs. including the korean ones. -____________________-

damn bored.
boohooohoooo :(

i seriously can't believe i'm still alive 
words couldn't describe how happy i was this afternoon when i noticed that the internet connection was back on !

plus, today was a wonderful day for me. feeling so so happy. wheee~~

  • edited a new header during the free time i had. *points up* 
           -big smile-
  • secondly, persuaded my bro to help me bring my car for tinting!!! woottsss~~~
           damn hard to convince him lor =.="
           yesss so happy. no need to worry about the sun making me dark anymore! YAYYY   \m/

  • went for mass in Imperial. while waiting for dad, went shopping with my two young brothers. 

there was a facial cleanser promotion. the lady asked whether i wanted to check how my skin was. so i decided to give it a go.
she took this scanner thingy and scannned my skin.
the horror!

i kept glancing around hoping that no one saw what i saw on the TV screen. wtf !
sadly, my two younger brothers saw. and their expressions were priceless.
my youngest brother (pictured above) was gaping at me. he was speechless after seeing my skin, close-up. !!?!
*hides in shame*

and the worst part is, they mistaken the blackheads as 'hair'.  lmao.
so they kept mocking me saying, "aiyer you have hair on your face."

hahaha ~

ok lah not a bad day for me. hehehe. :)
but please oh please don't ever take away the internet from me ever again T.T

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