Friday, May 7, 2010

blinging service

this pic is so cute!! :P
took using Katty's phone. wakaka~
skipped both lectures yesterday. studied in the study room instead.
 we had so much fun. :)

Rebecca and I even smuggled drinks from the cafeteria. rofl
sadly, i stained my jacket. boohoohoo :(

we said we would study til 5, but our stomachs were grumbling at 4! hahaha~
so we decided to leave for FOOD~ yuhoooo !

we went to Kinky Fat Chef Kitchen. it's a new burger place i think?
it's seriously famous lor. we sat there and cars kept driving in +_+
and we heard a lady ordering 15 burgers to go. WTF


as promised, pics of my blinged phone!! Muahahhahahahahahaha.
if you didn't already know, i re-blinged my phone. heehee. ^-^

i'm quite satisfied with the results lar. <3

Tze Jing and Wee said they prefer the back. i think it's nice, acts as a mirror too. *wink wink*

this was how my phone used to look like. damnn. how come i feel like last time more nice? hahaha DIE!

ok lah. better go now. have a mid term to study =(

by the way, had this really crazy idea of starting a blinging service. thought about it til i had trouble sleeping tmd.
but now, it feels like an unrealistic idea. hahaha!!
owh well.

byeee & wish me luck in my mid term later! ^-^
please and thank you :)

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