Wednesday, May 5, 2010

noms = ♥

time to update about yesterdayy~ hoho.

as mentioned in my last post,  my darling and I went on a  date foodathon.
we ate and we ate and we ate. ^_^

had a sudden craving for so many food, thank goodness darling was kind enough to go on this food journey with me. heehee!

first stop - Pujut 2 ABC. my favourite abc shop!! <3

darling had Guava soursop & i had Peach soursop! ♥
not only that, we ordered fried prawn too! wtfff.

when Jac suggested fried prawns i looked at her, then said "you sure?"
cos she always order banyak banyak then in the end everything cannot finish -__-

but she insisted.. so.. owh well. !

after nomming, we headed to Parkson.
actual plan was to go to Ma Baker for spaghetti, but we were bloated at the time so we switched to plan B.
can you believe it, we managed to park at the parking just opposite the level 3 entrance!

woohoo~ cool much. lol! 

i forgot what we did... hmmm i think we ended up bling hunting? 
then we checked "When In Rome"s screening time. - 5pm.
then walk walk awhile, we left for Ma Baker.!

spaghetti timeee. woots~

while waiting for the spaghetti (which was damn long by the way), we camwhored with the food we bought from parkson. hahaha!!
i have no freakin idea why we bought so much. i guess we were into the moment or something. ~.~

after that long looooooong wait, finally, our spaghetti's came!! wuahaha!

zomggg darling was right! Ma Baker's spaghetti really damn yummyy.

promote promote. haha :P

after eating....
hiak hiak hiak~ *satisfied face*

after our official lunch, (it was almost 5 at the time -__-)
we rushed back to Parkson, wanting to watch the movie. but alas, nobody was watching the movie. as in, zero people. wtf? got kelian dao..

so we ditched the movie. and.... i forgot what we did!! hahahah. -brain malfunctioning- T__T

ohh. i think we found a shop that sells blings CHEAP!
like wtf lor. G-Max sells the exact same bling design for rm15.80. the shop sold it for rm6.
G-max really scammer!!

bought two kinds of blings. hehehe. happy! :)
the big piece of bling is rm8. (damn big okkkk.) ; the other mirror-like square shape bling is rm3.
can believe or not?? rm3 for bling. i almost went crazy over the cheap price. hahaaha!!

as you can see in the mirror bling, the front of my phone is bare. haha!

then we went to Boulevard. wanted to eat McFlurry but in the end change plan again -.-
we ate dinner (just 1hour ++ after lunch) at Sugar Bun! :D

yummm!! i'm hungry now =(
so sad lor... i ordered rice with my fillet but they gave me fries.
and i didn't noticed til i was halfway squeezing my lemon. grrr!!

the aftermath.

and lastly, before we headed to choir practice, we drank Frapuccino at Tea Box.
i had Mocha; Jac had Vanilla.

more promoting.

ahh~ and we were off to practice. thus ends the all you can eat food day. hahaha.
really damn full lor after all that eating.
after practice darling suggested Roti Banana. i wanted to say yes but i had to poop so badly so i had to say no.


me, saying no to Roti Banana? i must be out of my mind. :P

some more pixx~ :

choco muffins from Jac! *be jealous* muahaha~~

cute boy!! hehehe. :)
louis har cuter ok. wakakkaa ;D

totally out of topic : Wee and me. :D

finally done blogging. my memory is so lousy nowadays, i can't even remember what we did in Parkson. the hell.
i'm starting to worry now. T.T
mid term on Friday! and i haven't studied. hahaha!!

i'll sleep tonight. then start tomorrow. hohoho~~
finished reblinging my phone tooo!!
it's okay... not really take-my-breath-away kind of gorgeous  > =(
in other words, i'm not really satisfied with this design. aiiks !

almost gave up halfway too. wanted to just dump the phone and buy some cheaplak one lol!!
cos the whole phone was sticky after i plucked out the old blings. D:

P/S. pleasee let me dream bout my #1 tonight.! ^-^ 


mr. pineapple man said...

the food and drinks look delicious!

MeLo♥ said...

haha. of courseeeee :P