Sunday, May 9, 2010

happy mother's dayy ♥

first of all, happy mothers dayy :)
this year i splurged alot on mum's gift. hoho~ but i think she hasn't opened it yet -_-
also, on her mother's day card, i blinged the words 'I LOVE U' onto it. eheheh

but what really put a smile on my face was mum's reaction when i gave her the gift. so so cute! she suddenly went all giggly when i handed her the pressie. ahaha~ :)

i would love to put a pic of the gift here, BUT, my phone's camera sucks to the max. couldn't take a decent picture of it. boohoo

i also used the remaining bling to bling my name on my wallet. haha!! *smirk*

it looks nice in picture but not so in real life. =.=

oh oh. this is me sitting at the passenger seat. bro driving. :D

bought pudding! hoho~
and when we arrived home, there was pizza waiting for us! wahoo~~ ^-^

and bro made cheese+jelly cake for mum. so we had that as dessert. woooww. i'm stuff-ed. :D
just talking bout all that food makes me feel like pooping HAHA WTF

and lately there's someone who keeps fighting the computer from me!! pfft~
guess who??

none other than my dad. -___- !
he plays facebook. i peeked and saw him typing happily there commenting on something. lol !
so cute. :b

yay new phone bling. hahaha :D

pretty flowerss~~
i call them flowers cos i don't know what kind of flowers they are. rofl !!

Daryl Soon begged me to help him buy flowers for his mum. hahaha
and being the kind and wonderful being that i am, of course i agreed. ^_^

you should have seen his mum's face. she thought i was a stranger !
how silly i must have seemed, holding a bunch of flowers and smiling when she had no clue who i was T_T


on a serious-er tone...
one of my curtin classmate passed away saturday morning. it's a really devastating news.

life's so cruel..  he was healthy then suddenly fell sick and .. and that's it?
he's gone forever?

i have never had anyone that i know of leaving me. other than my grandfather of course.. but i was still little at the time, and we weren't that close.. come to think of it, i have no memory of him at all =(

all that comes to mind when i think of him is his face..

and i was thinking.. today is mother's day.
but his mother lost her son..
i'm trying to picture how she must be feeling... but i simply can't. i mean, how could i?
the pain she must be feeling...
i just wish she can feel better.. ;(

okay so maybe i'm getting a little too emotionally involved in all this. but *sighh* that's just how i am.
and i joined the FB group that his friends made in tribute to his death.
some of the things the people wrote really touched my heart.

out of all the messages, this one touched my heart most:

"You were and still are without a doubt one in a mill, RIP love, will miss u a lot! but God has a better plan for u."


i shan't think about this as a sad thing anymore. ^-^ 

rest in peace.

nerds rule :p

i woke up today, and I thanked God that i'm still alive.
from now on, i will treasure every moment i have with my loved ones.
from now on, i will appreciate everything that i have, and stop complaining and whining when i don't get what i want.
from now on, i will be happy. for now i know that life is short.
and for every minute i am sad, i lose 60seconds of happiness.

it's time for a change, people.
let's all be happy.



Joan said...

i love the first picture in this post. ^^

MeLo♥ said...

haha WHY? O_O

Joan said...

you look very cute in it leh~ and the picture memang nice also mar. ^^

MeLo♥ said...

haha. that time i tengok not bad. but now tengok like weird weird de my face ~.~