Wednesday, March 31, 2010

my holiday ♥

Monday - went to Lutong to eat our favorite porridge <3
{da jie, this post dedicated to youu xP}

yummss~~ are you drooling yet?

 Wee and I arrived first. waited for the others to come. hoohoo.

CY and the others came not long after.
relief cos so many people were aiming our table .__.

with Wan Yeng

new friend, Kelly. she's funneh! ahaha
and loves abc just as much as i do. *yay`~

Zheng Wern. our bamboo stick bodyguard.

after breakfast, headed to campus. handed in our report. woo~
damn shiok for me, cos mine is due the next day. which means, i handed it in one day earlier. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G !

then round noon, we headed to Parkson. omg i could barely keep my eyes open that time, dunno why.
felt damn tired and hungry -_-

 played bowling at night. monday was ladie's night. wuahaha rm3 per game! :D

i saw the cute bowling guy boy !! wuahahha *happy

after bowling, they played pool.

before that, we wanted to go to the archery place one. but it wasn't open. -__-
 beside the archery room, was the place where they play the movie. it's in like a small room.
the guy working outside was on the phone, we asked whether we could take a look inside, he said yes! ;D

so we all slowly walked into the small room. ahaha
Alice in Wonderland was showing. ;P


Tuesday - watched my brother play in the competition. so so hot. T.T

in the afternoon, went to Pujut 2 ABC place with my loversss <3 ~
had 蜜瓜西米禄. honeydew something. omg damn nice! *drools

then we went to climb Canada Hill.

it was seriously scary lor T_T
my first time, i had no experience in hill climbing at all. had no idea it was this scary. wonder why mum keep going every week zzz

gahhh my leg and arms hurt every time i walk/move my hands T.T
so every time i sit down, it's a struggle for me!! wtf

wonder how the others are doing? hope they're suffering like me. muahaha!


today - had lunch somewhere. blogged bout it in the food blog. gogo visit :D
CY, Wan Yeng, Wee and me. !

headed to the hair saloon after that. bye bye $$ ~

straightened front hair + treatment. woohooo~
have a date with Cryssy tomorrow. gonna go rob a bank.
April Fools~~~ wakaka! :P

ahh~ damn happy. my holidays are so far so good. :P
just hope mum'll let me go sing k!! ughhh

Monday, March 29, 2010

site visit

went to a site visit last saturday. (yesterday yesterday)
almost missed the bus -_- wtf. which wouldn't exactly be a bad thing, come to think of it

dreaded this visit ever since the date was announced. but alas, attendance was compulsory, *sigh* so i had to go :((

it was damn hot!! the bus ride was damn long!! i didn't had enough sleep the night before!! plus my stomach was grumbling cos i didn't had time to eat breakfast.!!

all in all, a bad start to a bad day. teehee~

we were supposed to take lots and lots and lots and lots of pix for the report which we will have to write and hand in idk when!! RAWRRR!! 

why must we write a report on everything???

i shouted to Ing to look at me when taking this pic, totally forgetting that the person was explaning to the group right beside me -___- 

he looked at me as if i lost it. and i looked at him as if nothing happened and walked away. hah! :D 

managed to take a pic of KC acting all girl-ish (as always) too.
these were the only four pix i took during the whole trip. and i'm serious. wonder how i'll write the report. haahaha! 

probably have to smuggle into another group's site visit so i can retake the pix. YEAH RIGHT. 

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Believe with your heart that life is happening exactly as it was meant to


ahaha♥! am feeling so happy right now!
our 2 weeks of hols are here! *jumps for joy*  no more waking up at 8am !! yay!!   \m/

but i'll miss seeing my #1 and all the other hotties in Curtin T.T

today was fun-filled with lectures, lectures, and more lectures.  *big smile*
we had fun larh (:
even decided to bluff Mala, telling her that we've decided to skip both the lectures in the afternoon.
oh my, watching her overreact (as always) and the change in her expression was indeed, pure joy.

that's Mala (on the right) talking with her friend. 

lately, we keep having our 'gatherings' at the sofa inside the library. rofl !
sometimes when we have nothing to do, we just sit there, and talk (as softly as possible). and almost all the time, while chatting, someone else we know sees us there, stops by, and joins in our so called 'gathering'

so funny. i bet the librarians hate us -___- 
or they might even be secretly loving us for making their lives a whole lot more F.U.N.

super duper ham face ♥ ahaha!! :P

played badminton too! woots~ 
Chia Wee and CY and Hong Boon and a new guy (whose name idk .__.) played mix doubles. omgggg damn pro lor T.T
i think i stick to tennis suan liao. seriously can't compete. Daryl Soon, you should play with them some time. bet it'll be a nice match ;D

badminton was fun. only i was really damn sleepy. couldn't even see straight, literally. i kept blinking to force myself to stay focus.
oh, the fact that there were some guys playing basketball shirtless across the hall might have been part of the reason my eyes couldn't stop blinking. wtf wtf 

neways, after all that exercise, Wee and I searched for a place to have our supper.
decided on so many places, but all not open :( 
in the end, we went to pasar malam!! heeeheee~~

we were damn broke lor, i had rm5 and she had rm3. and that's it. rofl.
we bought lekor, drinks and roti John!! quite cheap larhhh hoho. so no worries we didn't have to beg. we ate the roti John inside Wee's car. even used our towels as napkins. ahaha ~

wtf so dark one. nevermind can see the Roti John can liaos! :P

so ham one us  ~.~ 

really have to head to bed now. have a site visit to the Palm Oil thingy place tomorrow :((
it's a school thing.*sad

totally irrelevant.:
#1 kolok mee special in Curtin & #2 ice blended Milo made by my bro. (DAMN NICE!)

  • kinda like blogging from the left instead of the center nowadays.
  • damn happy to see my blog visits increase in the past few days. 
  • how come only increase when i don't post up any pictures of myself?? how can?? ROFL! *jokeeeee ;D

Friday, March 26, 2010

laugh, and the whole world laughs with you ;D

my last post was so the drama emo. but today i'm feeling much much better! 

became a fan of so many pages just now. some of them really made me laugh like mad (: 

during Q&A session in the Father Stan Rally last year : 

Q: is it okay to have sex with your wife every month after you're married ?
Father Stan: if it's after you get married, then yes. 
why have sex every month? 
have sex everyday

Q: i don't understand. why do some people need to use whip cream in the bedroom?
Father Stan: someone asked me something similar to this before. I wasn't sure of the answer so i consulted my  friend. 
he said:

"what people do inside their bedrooms, is none of our damn business."

*awkward silence*
i hope not!! 

i laughed til tears came out after hearing the second joke. 
Father Stan said it using his 'low voice', which made it even funnier. 

i'm sure those who were there knows what i'm talking bout! 

someone left this note on my windshield. ♥

the first suspect that crossed my mind was nutcase eexin. (sorrryyyyy~) 
but it was Cryssy all along. aahha! should have known. *frowns 

imma keep that note of yours. 
nice handwriting you have there by the way. (: 

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

forget what i said. i'm done.

 i cannot believe what i just found out.
all these while, i brought myself to believe that you were perfect. that you're an angel sent from above. *rolls eyes

you're neither.
i was the fool, believing what i wanted you to be.
every time i have this feeling that you're not as great as i think you are, i shake it off. telling myself that you're simply too good to be true. i'd cling to everything that reminded me of you. i wanted to feel you near me, to know that you really existed.

every time i see your message, i'd smile like a fool. one message from you easily made my day.
i feel so stupid thinking back. did you feel the same? no. why did you lead me on? making me think that there was actually hope.
you should have told me straight in the face to fuck off. sure i'd be hurt, but it's better than wasting my time hoping for something that never existed. i'm nothing to you. just some girl you met one day and decided to forget the next.

and you know what's worse?
realizing that i still have feelings for you after all these while. watching my heart skip a beat when i saw all those pictures of you. i miss you. i really do.
i'm so tired of all these thoughts in my mind. one saying it's not your fault, it's me who's not worthy of you; the other saying that you played me like a fool. you knew how i felt and you led me on.
i don't know what to think. but i do know what to do:

i'm putting the past behind. i'm putting you behind.

i was gonna say that i wasted my time liking you. but... i just can't
like i said, you mean too much to me.
but it really is time to move on.

good nights♥!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

don't think i could ever be without you boy 'cause you complete me

you entered into my life, and i was dumbfounded.
you are so beautiful, even words could not describe.
i still remember the first time i laid eyes on you.
you are so perfect, so flawless...
                                                   i never knew such perfection exists.

just one sight and i was in love. you had me at the palm of your hands. i'd do anything for you baby. just say the word and i'd be a slave for you.

you're all i think about whenever i try to focus on what the lecturer is saying. can't you see i'm losing my mind?
nothing else matters anymore. i can't live, if living is without you.
if only you knew how strongly i feel towards you... if only you knew, how much i want to have you in my arms.

will my feelings for you fade away in time? perhaps... but i won't be the same again. without you, a piece of my heart is missing. without you, i'm just not me anymore.
will you please see me for who i am, and let me in?
do i not deserve a chance, just like everybody else?

i've tried moving on.. but every time i feel like i've moved on, i see you... and the feeling just keep rushing back to me. i can't take it anymore. the pain is just too much to bear

but i will never give up. i know that one day, one day i will win your heart. and then, only can i smile to myself and say, "boy, i'm sure glad i didn't give up back then!


i'm sure you're all curious as to who i'm talking about right? and i'm sure the more busybody people *clears throat* are already making a list of possible candidates in their heads, thinking : "could it be him? nooooooooo, it couldn't be, could it?"


but you're all wrong!!! (if miraculously you got it right, then ok lah you are my soul mate. :D)

i'm gonna reveal the person whom i've been in love with since like, forever. (:

Nokia E72 ~~

saw someone using this phone just now. OMG! so nice can! :3
saving up for this baby. so please stop tempting me to go out shopping! RAWR!! shooo~ :P 

sorry if i've disappointed anyone! ahahaha
i know you all so gebo wanna know who i like blablabla. [especially a certain someone named KAREN! ;DD]  but there's really no one lor :( 
only damn many many many crushes!! (WOO) including that hot hot hot hot HOTTTTT guy i mentioned before who's taken already by the way *holds back tears* 

anywayssss, it's not my fault my eyes keep wandering in his direction, right? wakaka

Sunday, March 21, 2010

let me emo can?

rah rah ah ah ah
roma roma-ma 
gaga melo ooh la la~

want your bad romance~ 

 i'm feeling down baby are you down down down down down` right now idk why :(
hais. i think i'm having a case of low-self-esteem syndrome or something
every time i look in the mirror i turn away, 

i want to be that girl, who looks perfectly pretty no matter what. 
when the wind blows damn strongly, you look at her and her messy hair, still pretty.
when it rains suddenly and she's soaking wet, still pretty.

when she walks down the road and lets out a loud fart, people go: woah it can't be her, i'm sure it's the fat girl behind her. 

get what i mean? beautiful people get away with everything.
but no.. i'm not that girl. and i never will be, unless i go for liposuction and plastic surgery from top to bottom. so yeh, you get the picture. 

it's just so hard to fucking love myself when i don't even like how i look. it's so sad sometimes. especially 'cause everyone around me are gorgeous. (seriously, wtf) 
i really need a whole lot of confidence to survive D: 

is there like a pill for such a purpose?

which reminds me. while driving on the road the other day, there was this car that drove so effing close to my car's ass. ! 
i saw it zooming in from the rear view mirror, it had no intention to stop ._. 
but i couldn't drive forward anymore cos there's a car in front of me! 

so i was thinking, wtf 'll happen if he/she hits me? RAWR!! 
after awhile, he overtook me. 
i was damn pissed lor at the time. so i glared at him. 
to my horror, the driver's head was like slanting backwards, so like looking at me also. 

at that time i was like,
hello???? you drive so close still dare glare at me????? !! 


damn pissed. and scared also lah HAHA! what if the samseng stop and kill me or something? T3T rofl

anyways, i noticed that after overtaking me, the car drove quite slow compared to how he drove when behind me. WTF 
really buay song lor!!! 

then suddenly, my phone rang. 
i checked and saw "you have 1 missed call"


guess who???

Daniel Shawn Caroll 

i knew right then and there it was him liao lor. but knot confirm also lah. 
then the car's driving on the slow lane liao. i wanted to check whether it was him, but didn't manage cos he was driving closer and closer to my lane. ! 
i ginteo so i fast fast overtake him. LOL 

then ah the asshole (yes i called you an asshole IN YOUR FACE) drove to my lane, so he's behind me again. 

then as before, drove so near to me -_- 
then he over took me, so now he's beside my car. i turned to look, and sure enough, it was Dan. 

with his window down, and flashing me his 2 rows of white teeth. wtf
reli gek dao lor =.=" 

hahaha damn funnny too! 
he said he saw me glare at him HAHAHA! 
funny. and i thought that i was safe cos my car was tinted  D:

haha so true. i'm feeling much better already (: 

the next time i'm feeling low on self esteem, i'll read back on this post. ahaha! :P

one more thing before the end

in the car with bro:-

bro: will you ever marry someone who smokes?

me: no

bro: what if he is millionaire leh?

me: still no.

bro: zillionaire? trillionaire?

me: O.O i'll think about it. 

bro: what if the first day he buy you diamond necklace...
then second day buy you a pack of cigarettes.
then third day he buy you BMW. 


-______________________________________- " 

Saturday, March 20, 2010

woots i love this pic.  no photoshop or editing whatsoever, still look damn nice! :D

had breakfast with Awhyo at 2020 on Thursday
so funny. everything was planned last minute. 3am then i sent msg telling them 930-10am meet at 2020
in the end, 9am none of them woke, except me and PL! 

so called Kri and SS and woke them up. Kri woke Doris up. ahaha xD 
damn funny their i-just-woke-up voice.

despite everything, we were still late .__. 
arrived at 1030am. hahaha! but nemind lah, we arrived together so = on time :P 

after eating, we decided to go MCC play Left4Dead.
my first time playing lerh ahaha :D 

omgg so so shiok one. i kept on screaming =,=
but kinda sien lor, the guy working there come gebo gebo -__- 

gebo til help us play ah. ~.~

after playing, we walked to Servay and did some grocery shopping. rofl
bought some drinks and junk food, then headed to my house! :D 

we gossiped (with the aid of FB to provide pix lolol!) while eating. shiokness ehehehe~
but sad case lor, time passed so quickly and they had to leave already :(
but still, had so much fun with them
keep jio-ing each other. especially with PL here it's like we're fighting all the way but then we're not really angry. haha!

had dinner at Tanjung Seafood with family last night. damn full lor. this dish quite special ler, Bamboo Chicken. 

me and my youngest bro. omg he's so cute :D
and we're quite close oh nowadays. he always talk to me ah haha :P 

after dinner (after which i was bloated D:), went to choir practice. saw Elyna and Karen and everyone, long time didn't see them ler :S 
miss them ! 

dad sent me to practice, cos there was a healing at the church, so hard to find parking space. 
after practice, SS picked us all, and we headed to Ming's for our Awhyo talk cock session. :D
ohh how i adore our TC sessions <3

just kept on talking talking and talking. ordered Roti Tissue and Puri. as always, no have Roti Banana -_- 
last night the banana haven't ripe. wtf

also, found a cockroach in Kri's Teh Tarik D: 
we complained. rofl and got a free drink ^^

saw this hot angmoh too. LOLOL! 
funny lah our convo. then whenever Kri and I speak, PL sure shoot us one T.T 

damn funny. hahaha kept on laughing and laughing and laughing :) 

by the time we knew it, it was already 1am ++ *gasp
where did our time go? lolss! 

Ming's was closing so we had to leave. but it was fun while it lasted xD 

woohoo~ can't wait for more awhyo outings. when Susan back, waa sure can talk til need order one jug of water, EACH. haha!! 

okayy so that's it i guess. haha 
going to a party tonight. hope it'll be fun :P 

i'll take pix, if i look good. *cough

me and ah Wee! ;D

you won't see me with my fringe in public for the time being. it's just so hideous. *sigh

damn, i think i might have gotten myself into trouble once again. zzz
bye bye money. wtf

Thursday, March 18, 2010

lucky no more

i've always thought of myself as a happy-go-lucky kind of person.
and i must admit, i am lucky most of the time.
every time do work at the last minute, but in the end results blablabla still presentable.
honestly, i don't know what i'm doing right now. i mean seriously, engineering?  not my type of shit.

i got lucky all these while. having friends who help me in everything. from telling me what class i have to attend the next day, or special announcements in the uni website which i'm always too lazy to check myself, to important stuffs like due dates of assignments/quizs/etc.

i've been spoonfed all these while and it made me very needy. if no one told me what to do, then i won't have a clue of what's going on.  how screwed up can i be??  :(

"and the world keeps spinning and she keeps on winning, but tell me, what happens when it stops?"
 Lucky-Britney Spears

and yes, i'm starting to feel that my luck is fading away....
i don't get what i want anymore. i can't even find a decent parking space!  nahh i was never lucky in this field -_-

sometimes i think to myself.. 'don't expect too much and you'll get it'. and sometimes, i do. but now.... it's different. everything's different. *sigh

i can feel it already. bye bye luck, i can't depend on you anymore. i have to do things myself. i have to work my ass off just like everybody else. no more using the easy way out. !  D:

and truth be told, i don't think i can handle it :(
pressure, stress, back stabbers. i've never been back stabbed before, not that i know of actually. it's kinda scary in a way.. :S
i just hope this year i'll get lucky (please just a lil more luck for me :3) and not get involved in such beeyotch-ness.

it's amazing how some people can do something so evil behind your back, then pretend as if nothing ever happened at front. but then again, i might be wrong. *shrugs

luck oh luck~ come back to me please. T3T !!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

i wanna grow old with youuuuu

i really want to know how it feels like... growing old with that special someone?

someone you truly madly deeply love
someone you'd do anything for
someone who was there during good times and bad
someone who knows all your secrets
someone who's filled with flaws yet perfect in your eyes

i think it's really sweet to see a couple grow old together.
just now, went for Rosary gathering at someone's house. i saw a picture of the couple wayyy back then.
the picture was in black and white. and they were both so young.

the wife pretty, and husband handsome. 
i turned away from the picture, and looked at the couple.
they're older now, with wrinkles on their face, white hair growing, and a big tummy for the guy.
yet, they're still in love with each other.

this really touched me. it almost seems like a miracle, to be able to love someone for such a long time. seeing as how divorce is so common nowadays.
how magical it must be to wake up and see the one you love most lying right beside you.

i want that too.
i mean, i want to find that someone who makes me fall head over heels every single day.
someone whom i love not because of how he looks, but because of what lies within.
i want to find that someone who's not just a pretty face

wish me luck people. but what will be, will be.
who knows, i might be destined to live alone with 13 cats (omg i hate cats) in my super duper huge ass mansion (cos yeh, i'm a super duper PRO engineer by then ROFL). ahaha!!

and since i'm gonna be soooooooooo rich, i guess i'll hire professors to create a hybrid cat for me. i want a real life Hello Kitty cat. MUAHAHAHAHA!!!

who says people living with cats has to be sad and lonely?  :P

Sunday, March 14, 2010

remember this?

oh my.. life's so so boring nowadays. nothing interesting ever happens! D: (nowadays) 
other than the fact that i totally screwed up my front hair (i'm a walking coconut), there's nothing more to blog bout. =[ 

however, as i was scrolling thru the pix inside my phone, all them memories kept coming back. hehe. 
so imma share them pix ! since the past few months have been wayyy fun-er then now. =3= 

note: all pix are arranged alphabetically. 
yeah right. 

ok firstly, 

*big fat sighhh* 

i miss my long hair. messy so what! it's better than being a coconut :( !!

remember the fun fair long long ago? hehe
Wee and I sat on the spinning thingy and witnessed the dancers dancing in the middle. :O
i was starstruck-ed and just had to take a pic with the guy.

and we did! :D

jogging with Vian! ahh~ we only jogged together a few times. and every time we do, i would laugh like siaoo! cos she's really too funny!

1st time went out with Chels! she damn shy one luhh ._. 
Jac and I did most of the talking. ahaha. i still remembered, it was quite funny. we three damn paiseh one, cinema someone chia, then mcFlurry someone chia, and something else, someone chia  ~.~

then when the others offered to pay, nobody wanna accept the $$. -_-

BryGoh wearing my shades. 1st HK slippers, now this. tsk tsk tsk. 

Pujut 2 ABC place!!

long time didn't go already! I MISS IT T_T 

bro! haha d: 

bro posing with new(back then) hamster cage!

visiting at Noorul darling's house. 
it was so long ago :O~ 

Father Stan rally with Jac darling. 
she looked so pure back then. ahaha 

we bought this when shopping during the break. 

Sing K with Curtini!!!
miss this T.T 

haha who could forget my famous pic with Chen Yi Ru :P
caused such a riot in FB -_- 

traffic light day! ahaha 

this one, hair damn straight cos we both just straightened. ahh if only my hair's still this straight :3

found my bro's lookalike (they look alike, right??) in a party! haha 

omg miss my favorite teacher! *cough
see i'm smiling so happily arr.. haha!!!

see, even KC also wanna dapao her home. 

hoho. you better not forget this, Crysteaaaaa!!!
our 2nd date! wakaka. you went all the way to buy that dream bag of yours. 

Daryl Soon!! you look really good in this two pics lor. remember to say thank you to the photographer ahh. *COUGH*

San, Do and Phoebe's hand! :P 
1st time i met her in real life. very friendlyyy (: 

went to the beach with Doreen, Manda they all.  it was funnnn xD

oh and who could forget Karen's birthday celebration at Pizza Hut! 
what with the unstoppable burning candles and all. hahaha

definitely unforgettable ! :P

haha the cute choir guy ! 
just my luck i got to take a pic with him at the Halloween partayyy ;D 

1st time eating ABC late late at night lor. haha plus with my leng lui airen kok! 


awwww who could forget the time spent in PHILIPINESS!!! :D
(trying to) sleeping  in the lodge. and the long long journey! 

adorable brotherss! :D 

and cousins! 

ahhh i miss them all. 

i also miss drinking til my face got all red like THIS. ! 
oh did i mention it's party party and MORE party everyday ??

LOL! i love Christmas xD

sadly i didn't get drunk. my cousin said she'll make sure i get drunk the next time. wahaha. can't wait :P 

ooh~~ i miss my beloved driver too!! 

only to have my heart crushed when i found out he was married with kids. FML

but thinking back on this really kinda funny lor. hahaha

youngest bro and his friend. they're sooooooo cute!!

Kri laopo's birthdayy at Pong's. 
nice pic took by ME! wuahaha

Sanjeet being all retard-ish hahaha!


after Phils, it was KL trip all the way babyyy ! ;D
had so much fun with Awhyo (: 

celebrated SS's birthday in Krispy Kreme 

Jac darling went too!! heeee~

hohoho~~ I met my maple babe there too!! shiok bo?? :P 

om nom nom tried Haagen Daaz ice cream. and Baskin Robbins(spell correct anot? haha) too!

Louis Vuitton supermodel ---- Karen Ung!! :D

Karen and I, inside KLCC.
shop shop shopp~~

haha Awhyo car exhibition 

met Wee after idk how long! hahaha. (after KL trip i think)
was wearing the Rainbow lens in this pic.
knot see properly one -_-

tall tall tall short

haha Awhyo made me this on my birthdayy.! loveeee it!!! <3

this one! celebrated Valentine's [2009] (i still remember hehehe) with Karen babe and also my bro! haha
it was nice of them to accompany me do a certain something.

thanks guys ! really appreciate it

3 leng lui's working for Celcom! ahaha 

hardly have any pic of HH. so imma post this up :P 

remember the flood in Miri? omg so scary. Karen and I were shopping when our parents called asking us to be careful cos it was raining damn hard. 
but we had no idea it was raining this hard -___- 

flood till so cham! :O 

kik kik kik

Phua Chu Kang in Curtin! hahaha!!

Bean Bean!! ahhh i miss you so much T.T

lazy hamster this BeanBean.. haha *shakes head* 

and now that BeanBean's gone...

i have this cute little fella to kacau :P

but still, he's not like Bean Bean :( 
Bean Bean was special, irreplaceable in a way. love youu!!

he actually pee-ed in my hand once! ahaha. omgg 
plus he's so so fat, and even when i take him out, he'll move around for awhile, then after awhile he'll just stop moving, cos he's so lazy!!

just like me! OMG no wonder i love him so much (: 

RIP BeanBean. i still love you.
always will

last but not least 

spot the rainbow kid. ROFL