Saturday, March 20, 2010

woots i love this pic.  no photoshop or editing whatsoever, still look damn nice! :D

had breakfast with Awhyo at 2020 on Thursday
so funny. everything was planned last minute. 3am then i sent msg telling them 930-10am meet at 2020
in the end, 9am none of them woke, except me and PL! 

so called Kri and SS and woke them up. Kri woke Doris up. ahaha xD 
damn funny their i-just-woke-up voice.

despite everything, we were still late .__. 
arrived at 1030am. hahaha! but nemind lah, we arrived together so = on time :P 

after eating, we decided to go MCC play Left4Dead.
my first time playing lerh ahaha :D 

omgg so so shiok one. i kept on screaming =,=
but kinda sien lor, the guy working there come gebo gebo -__- 

gebo til help us play ah. ~.~

after playing, we walked to Servay and did some grocery shopping. rofl
bought some drinks and junk food, then headed to my house! :D 

we gossiped (with the aid of FB to provide pix lolol!) while eating. shiokness ehehehe~
but sad case lor, time passed so quickly and they had to leave already :(
but still, had so much fun with them
keep jio-ing each other. especially with PL here it's like we're fighting all the way but then we're not really angry. haha!

had dinner at Tanjung Seafood with family last night. damn full lor. this dish quite special ler, Bamboo Chicken. 

me and my youngest bro. omg he's so cute :D
and we're quite close oh nowadays. he always talk to me ah haha :P 

after dinner (after which i was bloated D:), went to choir practice. saw Elyna and Karen and everyone, long time didn't see them ler :S 
miss them ! 

dad sent me to practice, cos there was a healing at the church, so hard to find parking space. 
after practice, SS picked us all, and we headed to Ming's for our Awhyo talk cock session. :D
ohh how i adore our TC sessions <3

just kept on talking talking and talking. ordered Roti Tissue and Puri. as always, no have Roti Banana -_- 
last night the banana haven't ripe. wtf

also, found a cockroach in Kri's Teh Tarik D: 
we complained. rofl and got a free drink ^^

saw this hot angmoh too. LOLOL! 
funny lah our convo. then whenever Kri and I speak, PL sure shoot us one T.T 

damn funny. hahaha kept on laughing and laughing and laughing :) 

by the time we knew it, it was already 1am ++ *gasp
where did our time go? lolss! 

Ming's was closing so we had to leave. but it was fun while it lasted xD 

woohoo~ can't wait for more awhyo outings. when Susan back, waa sure can talk til need order one jug of water, EACH. haha!! 

okayy so that's it i guess. haha 
going to a party tonight. hope it'll be fun :P 

i'll take pix, if i look good. *cough

me and ah Wee! ;D

you won't see me with my fringe in public for the time being. it's just so hideous. *sigh

damn, i think i might have gotten myself into trouble once again. zzz
bye bye money. wtf

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