Friday, March 26, 2010

laugh, and the whole world laughs with you ;D

my last post was so the drama emo. but today i'm feeling much much better! 

became a fan of so many pages just now. some of them really made me laugh like mad (: 

during Q&A session in the Father Stan Rally last year : 

Q: is it okay to have sex with your wife every month after you're married ?
Father Stan: if it's after you get married, then yes. 
why have sex every month? 
have sex everyday

Q: i don't understand. why do some people need to use whip cream in the bedroom?
Father Stan: someone asked me something similar to this before. I wasn't sure of the answer so i consulted my  friend. 
he said:

"what people do inside their bedrooms, is none of our damn business."

*awkward silence*
i hope not!! 

i laughed til tears came out after hearing the second joke. 
Father Stan said it using his 'low voice', which made it even funnier. 

i'm sure those who were there knows what i'm talking bout! 

someone left this note on my windshield. ♥

the first suspect that crossed my mind was nutcase eexin. (sorrryyyyy~) 
but it was Cryssy all along. aahha! should have known. *frowns 

imma keep that note of yours. 
nice handwriting you have there by the way. (: 

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