Tuesday, March 23, 2010

don't think i could ever be without you boy 'cause you complete me

you entered into my life, and i was dumbfounded.
you are so beautiful, even words could not describe.
i still remember the first time i laid eyes on you.
you are so perfect, so flawless...
                                                   i never knew such perfection exists.

just one sight and i was in love. you had me at the palm of your hands. i'd do anything for you baby. just say the word and i'd be a slave for you.

you're all i think about whenever i try to focus on what the lecturer is saying. can't you see i'm losing my mind?
nothing else matters anymore. i can't live, if living is without you.
if only you knew how strongly i feel towards you... if only you knew, how much i want to have you in my arms.

will my feelings for you fade away in time? perhaps... but i won't be the same again. without you, a piece of my heart is missing. without you, i'm just not me anymore.
will you please see me for who i am, and let me in?
do i not deserve a chance, just like everybody else?

i've tried moving on.. but every time i feel like i've moved on, i see you... and the feeling just keep rushing back to me. i can't take it anymore. the pain is just too much to bear

but i will never give up. i know that one day, one day i will win your heart. and then, only can i smile to myself and say, "boy, i'm sure glad i didn't give up back then!


i'm sure you're all curious as to who i'm talking about right? and i'm sure the more busybody people *clears throat* are already making a list of possible candidates in their heads, thinking : "could it be him? nooooooooo, it couldn't be, could it?"


but you're all wrong!!! (if miraculously you got it right, then ok lah you are my soul mate. :D)

i'm gonna reveal the person whom i've been in love with since like, forever. (:

Nokia E72 ~~

saw someone using this phone just now. OMG! so nice can! :3
saving up for this baby. so please stop tempting me to go out shopping! RAWR!! shooo~ :P 

sorry if i've disappointed anyone! ahahaha
i know you all so gebo wanna know who i like blablabla. [especially a certain someone named KAREN! ;DD]  but there's really no one lor :( 
only damn many many many crushes!! (WOO) including that hot hot hot hot HOTTTTT guy i mentioned before who's taken already by the way *holds back tears* 

anywayssss, it's not my fault my eyes keep wandering in his direction, right? wakaka

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