Wednesday, March 3, 2010

no shit ?

Degree life is so stressful!!
today is my 2nd day of lessons and already i feel like dying. my happy-go-lucky life disappeared oh so suddenly. 
how come like that one??

things are slightly better now. at least i have ah Bong in my group now. got a girl with me. other than that, mostly guys.
oh dear daddy-O why you let me take engineering. can't you see it's a GUY thing??

hmmmm. anyways, i've learnt something valuable today. or so i'd like to think. haha 
life's a bitch, we all know that. and we can't have everything. 
i admit i'm a bitch but life is so much bitch-ier than me T3T 

 there's nothing i can do but well... give in to life. accept what life has offered me. learn to be appreciative of what i have, and just.. simply live life. 
what else can i do right?? 

like Wee said, "even if i manage to change group this year, what about next year? we'd still have to separate cos our course are different... so might as well separate now and let the pain be less painful"

wtf we sound like a couple breaking up cos the other's furthering studies overseas. HAHAHA

ah.. Degree life has started. and I'm ready for ya! woohooohoo~ *gulps. or am i? :((

ahh... okok be strong Melo, you can do this.!! 
take out your nerdy glasses and study study study!!! WOOOO~~

and thanks to the lesson from Wee, i also suddenly became wise. wtf hahaha

my lil sis messaged me just now telling me some things..
and i gave her good advice. (:  
[i hope it was good ._.]

anyways, you really can't expect to get everything you want. sometimes life's like that. win some, lose some. i hope everything'll turn out fine. that i won't give up halfway on my studies.. hmmm i know i won't. i'm confident! 
remember my last last last post? i said i'd study hard and aim to be one of the best right! hehehe (:

and one more thing.
i don't think i dislike her that much anymore... i don't know why. maybe i'm just too... drained from the stress that i have no more energy to feel angry, or whatever feeling i used to feel whenever i heard things about them. lols

i'm dealing with it. i'm sure one day i'll accept you for who you are. for the time being, sorry if i've hurt you, sorry if you hate me (if you do then i don't think i'd consider accepting you mehhh~), and sorry you think i'm a snob. 

i don't really give a damn bout what you think cos i don't really know what i'm typing ~.~ 
ok so anyways, i'm tired. 
and i'm gonna watch Glee now. wahoooo~~~~ 


all the best to my friends (: 
[excluding those studying in Curtin, I WANNA BE THE BEST SO DUN BRING ME DOWN!]

joking lah~~ hahahaha!!!

now i know how stressful uni life is.. foundation really was a breeze. 
sorry for thinking you guys are over reacting when you tell me bout how stressful things are in school :S

Bryan Goh, Daryl Soon, Terry, SS ai ren, and Karen babe in particular. > <

welcome me to the club! hahaha 

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