Saturday, March 27, 2010

Believe with your heart that life is happening exactly as it was meant to


ahaha♥! am feeling so happy right now!
our 2 weeks of hols are here! *jumps for joy*  no more waking up at 8am !! yay!!   \m/

but i'll miss seeing my #1 and all the other hotties in Curtin T.T

today was fun-filled with lectures, lectures, and more lectures.  *big smile*
we had fun larh (:
even decided to bluff Mala, telling her that we've decided to skip both the lectures in the afternoon.
oh my, watching her overreact (as always) and the change in her expression was indeed, pure joy.

that's Mala (on the right) talking with her friend. 

lately, we keep having our 'gatherings' at the sofa inside the library. rofl !
sometimes when we have nothing to do, we just sit there, and talk (as softly as possible). and almost all the time, while chatting, someone else we know sees us there, stops by, and joins in our so called 'gathering'

so funny. i bet the librarians hate us -___- 
or they might even be secretly loving us for making their lives a whole lot more F.U.N.

super duper ham face ♥ ahaha!! :P

played badminton too! woots~ 
Chia Wee and CY and Hong Boon and a new guy (whose name idk .__.) played mix doubles. omgggg damn pro lor T.T
i think i stick to tennis suan liao. seriously can't compete. Daryl Soon, you should play with them some time. bet it'll be a nice match ;D

badminton was fun. only i was really damn sleepy. couldn't even see straight, literally. i kept blinking to force myself to stay focus.
oh, the fact that there were some guys playing basketball shirtless across the hall might have been part of the reason my eyes couldn't stop blinking. wtf wtf 

neways, after all that exercise, Wee and I searched for a place to have our supper.
decided on so many places, but all not open :( 
in the end, we went to pasar malam!! heeeheee~~

we were damn broke lor, i had rm5 and she had rm3. and that's it. rofl.
we bought lekor, drinks and roti John!! quite cheap larhhh hoho. so no worries we didn't have to beg. we ate the roti John inside Wee's car. even used our towels as napkins. ahaha ~

wtf so dark one. nevermind can see the Roti John can liaos! :P

so ham one us  ~.~ 

really have to head to bed now. have a site visit to the Palm Oil thingy place tomorrow :((
it's a school thing.*sad

totally irrelevant.:
#1 kolok mee special in Curtin & #2 ice blended Milo made by my bro. (DAMN NICE!)

  • kinda like blogging from the left instead of the center nowadays.
  • damn happy to see my blog visits increase in the past few days. 
  • how come only increase when i don't post up any pictures of myself?? how can?? ROFL! *jokeeeee ;D

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