Wednesday, March 10, 2010

fantabulouso timo with darlingo xD

just a quick post. should have updated long time ago, Sunday to be exact -_- 

went out with Jac darling aka Lady Gaga last Sunday. 
what can I say? 
it was hell lot of a fun time. 

we met with Bobby and the gang, including lots and lots of people who's names.... well I just don't have the time to name them all, at Parkson. 

we played Bowling and Pool. ! 

play till sweat ler T~T 

after awhile, they all went home D: 
left Jac and me only :(( 

darling was kinda sad cos she wanted to watch the sun set at Tanjung. 
so we fooled around in Parkson to stall time. saw CHELS there *ahem ahem* 
and many many more people. :O~

had lunch at McD. 
then we went to Tanjung. !

met up with Jac's friends there. talk talk. then went to drink coconut drink and eat sate~~ *drools

wow my hair so messy -_-

so much for watching the sun set, we talked all the way until we forgot what we were there for! 
when we looked at the sky the sun was gone 

that's what happens when you put two big mouths together. HAHAHA

Jac's hair so long T3T 

after that we went to Marina Bay, then sat on the stones and had our own little concert. hahah
it was so much fun. 
singing without a single care in the world. 
it felt great. it's like, i escaped the real world, all the trouble and stress it contains, and just sing, shout and scream to my heart's content. hahaha

damn shiok. ! 

i actually almost cried while singing idk why. it's like i'm so stressed nowadays, all that singing (properly and out-of-tunely) really made me feel a whole lot better.

hohoho. actually my darling being there made me feel a whole lot more better. :D 

had so much fun with you, darling. as always (:
heee~ thanks for the superb time. wakaka! 

love you ! muackss!!!

time for some pix. ^^ 
and i'm outta here~~
sorry for neglecting my blog, i just really don't have the time. :( 

but do leave a tag in the chatbox, i simply adore~~ tagss.! :D

cute brothers! <3

got one more super cute brother camera shy, so no pic, SORREH! 

before i go,

guess who ate in the study hall??? *shakes head* 

 ham face. :P 

I found my #1 le! hahahaha. 
had to replace the former #1 cos he's like, taken.


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