Wednesday, March 24, 2010

forget what i said. i'm done.

 i cannot believe what i just found out.
all these while, i brought myself to believe that you were perfect. that you're an angel sent from above. *rolls eyes

you're neither.
i was the fool, believing what i wanted you to be.
every time i have this feeling that you're not as great as i think you are, i shake it off. telling myself that you're simply too good to be true. i'd cling to everything that reminded me of you. i wanted to feel you near me, to know that you really existed.

every time i see your message, i'd smile like a fool. one message from you easily made my day.
i feel so stupid thinking back. did you feel the same? no. why did you lead me on? making me think that there was actually hope.
you should have told me straight in the face to fuck off. sure i'd be hurt, but it's better than wasting my time hoping for something that never existed. i'm nothing to you. just some girl you met one day and decided to forget the next.

and you know what's worse?
realizing that i still have feelings for you after all these while. watching my heart skip a beat when i saw all those pictures of you. i miss you. i really do.
i'm so tired of all these thoughts in my mind. one saying it's not your fault, it's me who's not worthy of you; the other saying that you played me like a fool. you knew how i felt and you led me on.
i don't know what to think. but i do know what to do:

i'm putting the past behind. i'm putting you behind.

i was gonna say that i wasted my time liking you. but... i just can't
like i said, you mean too much to me.
but it really is time to move on.

good nights♥!

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