Monday, March 1, 2010

happy birthday Justin Bieber!! ♥

happy birthday Justin Bieber!!! 


woohooo this lil' cutie turns 16 this year. (: 

ahhhh and i'm soooooo in love with him! 
I don't mind the age gap (i hope you see this Justin XP) *cough

love all, and i do mean ALL, of his songs. 
from One Time, to One Less Lonely Girl, then Favourite Girl, Common Denominator, Baby. , to name a few.


he's just so charming and cute in a totally irresistable way i can't help but blush every time i see him on tv/hear his songs

bahh. my heart even beats twice as fast with the mere mention of his name :P 

all the best in everything ^^


*i'm sure all you JB fans out there love me for sharing so much JB pix hahaha*

uhhh this is so cute!!! *blush*

i love this! his eyes look watery here =D
cute cute cuteee!!!!

guess which is my favourite pic?? :P 



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