Tuesday, March 16, 2010

i wanna grow old with youuuuu

i really want to know how it feels like... growing old with that special someone?

someone you truly madly deeply love
someone you'd do anything for
someone who was there during good times and bad
someone who knows all your secrets
someone who's filled with flaws yet perfect in your eyes

i think it's really sweet to see a couple grow old together.
just now, went for Rosary gathering at someone's house. i saw a picture of the couple wayyy back then.
the picture was in black and white. and they were both so young.

the wife pretty, and husband handsome. 
i turned away from the picture, and looked at the couple.
they're older now, with wrinkles on their face, white hair growing, and a big tummy for the guy.
yet, they're still in love with each other.

this really touched me. it almost seems like a miracle, to be able to love someone for such a long time. seeing as how divorce is so common nowadays.
how magical it must be to wake up and see the one you love most lying right beside you.

i want that too.
i mean, i want to find that someone who makes me fall head over heels every single day.
someone whom i love not because of how he looks, but because of what lies within.
i want to find that someone who's not just a pretty face

wish me luck people. but what will be, will be.
who knows, i might be destined to live alone with 13 cats (omg i hate cats) in my super duper huge ass mansion (cos yeh, i'm a super duper PRO engineer by then ROFL). ahaha!!

and since i'm gonna be soooooooooo rich, i guess i'll hire professors to create a hybrid cat for me. i want a real life Hello Kitty cat. MUAHAHAHAHA!!!

who says people living with cats has to be sad and lonely?  :P

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