Friday, March 5, 2010

ta ma de i wanna complain!!

today was an emotional day. whole day of lectures, 4 to be exact. i had fun though, rolling in my seat the whole time cos the lectures were boring! D: 
but the Maths one not bad larh, kinda humourous. as for the other one.. i had no clue what he's talking about +_+ 
walauuu :( 

and as you can see in the pic, PIZZA. ! hehehe
but hor, this time our trip to Pizza Hut wasn't as pleasant =[ 
*big fat sigh*

after lectures, we rushed to Parkson to catch Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief ! *grins* 

which starts at 645pm! 

we decided to eat at Pizza Hut. bad idea lor. hmmph. the ppl working there really disgust me!!
got one beeyotch, last time we came, ask her to wipe the table, she looked at us then walked away. wtf
today was almost the same.

we were rushing to catch our movie. it was already 6 at the time. we ordered meal, and i ordered an extra yoghurt drink so can bring to cinema after. 

usually when i order, ala carte rm3.90 only ok. who knew i saw in the receipt, it's rm7.20. 
fucking RM7.20 (not including tax) for a yoghurt drink. 

when we almost finish eating the pizza, i decided to ask whether can cancel the yoghurt drink or not, cos i was damn fucking full at that time, plus they haven't even made it yet!! 


guy A:
"but i'll try and ask my manager whether can or not lah"

fuck you lah. 
ask manager. don't you dare use that pathetic excuse on us. why am i so pissed??
because when we just arrived, we asked whether our pizza can half one flavour half another flavour, cos i saw once in the TV that it's possible. 
he said he'll "ask the manager", but did he????

NO, he just freakin stood there. MA GU !!!!! 

so suan liao. 
i decided to just buy the freakin yoghurt, since it's ALREADY TYPED INTO THE RECEIPT. 

how lousy is your system that you can't even delete that one purchase? ROFL. suck cock lah your service.

fine. moving on. 
we paid for our meal, including the drink. problem solved, right?

after paying, i asked for my yoghurt drink. 

then suddenly guy B came back, asking whether can change to Strawberry or not, cos the Mango one OUT OF STOCK

so I asked in return, 
"can i just cancel the order?"


cheebye you ask me can change my order or not then i ask can cancel you say cannot. so why don't you just fucking tell me you've changed my order???? 
really pissed lah!! ta ma de.

so fine lor. then Wee asked the guy, how come the drink is RM7.20. we ordered pizza so should be RM3.90. 
he was speechless. so we waited while he asked. 

all this shit and we were already running late. _|_ 

he came back, telling us 
"RM7.20 cos you take away. take away price is different."

take away yoghurt drink free the glass is it? mlm
take away and having there same also use the plastic one.

like that also extra charge. 
i pay.

so i told the guy fine i'll take the strawberry one. 

gobbled up the remains of our pizzas, then waited for the TAKEAWAY yoghurt drink.
then guy A came. he saw me holding the receipt and he thought i haven't paid
guess what he said??

"ohh i'll go ask my manager whether.."

"it's okay i paid already."
i cut him off. he's just so bloody annoying, ASKING MANAGER. 
you think this excuse can save your ass every time? ROFL. go die. 

so he went to the counter. i was expecting my STRAWBERRY yoghurt drink now lor. since mango one out of stock. 
suddenly guy A said 
"can wait awhile? cos one of our staff went and buy the ingredients."

so i was like huh??? i thought Mango one out of stock, why now Strawberry one also need to buy ingredient.

so while waiting, i heard guy B talking to guy A.
i don't understand his lakia language lah. but i heard enough to know what he's talking about.

he said something like this : 
"i told her Mango one finish change to strawberry then she dun wan. blablabla take away blablabla. "

ci bai

i was horror-strucked. 
where why how can such a fucked up guy be working in Pizza Hut all these while. i guess it's a pretty fucked up job. heh. *points middle finger* 

hmmph. turns out, guy B (the fucked up one) misunderstood. he thought i insist on not changing my order. (LMAO) 
so they made me Mango yoghurt. 

so at long fucking last, my TAKEAWAY yoghurt was done. hooray?

not cold, no plastic, not even as nice as it tasted last time.
and it cost us our time and we were late for our movie!!
ruined my mood too. damn angry lor. cbcbcbcbcbcbcb!!!!

if i could kick you (guy B, for being such a fucked up guy, and guy A, for being such a wuss hiding behind the MANAGER)  in the balls, trust me, i would. 
it'll do our community good too. we don't need such dickless suck cock people in our community.

thank goodness the cast in Percy Jackon and the Lightning Thief [i don't know why but i like typing the full name of the movie hahaha] are good looking. (: 

Pierce Brosnan was in it too!
kinda funneh in a way. 
sadly not enough to mend the damage caused by those Pizzarians. makes my blood boil just thinking bout it. 
tomorrow i'll buy a bottle of yoghurt drink to cheer myself up. 
and i won't dine in Pizza Hut ever again. (or until i have a serious craving for pizza, whichever comes first.)

by the way, the Percy Jackson guy, kinda looks like Selena Gomez. O.O 

aww but he's so cute. ^^


mello said...

Pizza Hut's standards really have dropped. Service seems bad at almost every outlet! It's utterly disgraceful and such a shame coz I still think their pizzas are the yummiest.

MeLo♥ said...

heyy our names are sort of similar! :D

yeaaa i agree with you! T.T so the question is, to eat or not to eat?