Wednesday, March 31, 2010

my holiday ♥

Monday - went to Lutong to eat our favorite porridge <3
{da jie, this post dedicated to youu xP}

yummss~~ are you drooling yet?

 Wee and I arrived first. waited for the others to come. hoohoo.

CY and the others came not long after.
relief cos so many people were aiming our table .__.

with Wan Yeng

new friend, Kelly. she's funneh! ahaha
and loves abc just as much as i do. *yay`~

Zheng Wern. our bamboo stick bodyguard.

after breakfast, headed to campus. handed in our report. woo~
damn shiok for me, cos mine is due the next day. which means, i handed it in one day earlier. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G !

then round noon, we headed to Parkson. omg i could barely keep my eyes open that time, dunno why.
felt damn tired and hungry -_-

 played bowling at night. monday was ladie's night. wuahaha rm3 per game! :D

i saw the cute bowling guy boy !! wuahahha *happy

after bowling, they played pool.

before that, we wanted to go to the archery place one. but it wasn't open. -__-
 beside the archery room, was the place where they play the movie. it's in like a small room.
the guy working outside was on the phone, we asked whether we could take a look inside, he said yes! ;D

so we all slowly walked into the small room. ahaha
Alice in Wonderland was showing. ;P


Tuesday - watched my brother play in the competition. so so hot. T.T

in the afternoon, went to Pujut 2 ABC place with my loversss <3 ~
had 蜜瓜西米禄. honeydew something. omg damn nice! *drools

then we went to climb Canada Hill.

it was seriously scary lor T_T
my first time, i had no experience in hill climbing at all. had no idea it was this scary. wonder why mum keep going every week zzz

gahhh my leg and arms hurt every time i walk/move my hands T.T
so every time i sit down, it's a struggle for me!! wtf

wonder how the others are doing? hope they're suffering like me. muahaha!


today - had lunch somewhere. blogged bout it in the food blog. gogo visit :D
CY, Wan Yeng, Wee and me. !

headed to the hair saloon after that. bye bye $$ ~

straightened front hair + treatment. woohooo~
have a date with Cryssy tomorrow. gonna go rob a bank.
April Fools~~~ wakaka! :P

ahh~ damn happy. my holidays are so far so good. :P
just hope mum'll let me go sing k!! ughhh

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