Saturday, October 31, 2009

桃花小妹 ♥

sorry to have to bore you all with this post of mine!


watched 桃花小妹 ♥ yesterday!
it's so funny ! haha

heard that my Calvin 辰亦儒 's in it,
that's why I watched it.

however, watched till episode 2 already,
still haven't appear :(

the storyline's pretty funny.
the 4 guys behind are the over protective brothers. damn funny larh them LOL!

the one in yellow's cute! :P
he's the genius in the family. haha
then everytime got guy chase their sister, aka 桃花, they'll all go nuts LMAO

and then he'll be the one who hacks into idk what and get their info. apuuhh

so funny haha

so sad lor.. I was hoping Chen Yi Ru'll be the main character who wins the girl's heart.
but bo hope liao lar!!

she's already fallen for Wang Dong Cheng :((

and uknow how a girl's heart works.
once they fall for someone,
knot see anyone else liao LOL! :X

the v cute brother! woo~~

丁春誠 (:

never seen or heard of him before lols..

looks quite cute without glasses. but I prefer him with glasses =D


but no matter how cute he is, I still love Chen Yi Ru most! ;D

though his hair in this movie is GOLD, (WTF?!)
I think lar..

saw in the preview. hopefully I saw wrongly!

gold. zz so ugly T___T

Tao Hua, and her 5 brothers. LOL!

桃花小妹 -- nice show. !!

watch it ! ;D

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

short of words

I've been over-sleeping for the past few days!
skipped class this morning cos I woke at 8am,

class starts at 8 - FML


yesterday was fun.

we only had one class - Chemistry tutorial.


CY and I stayed at Wee's.
then followed da jie's car to school!

hehe she drove her Hilux so that can fit us all.


after Chemi,

it's time to go home! ;DDDDD

damn happy!

and and annd!

CY and I, we both sat at the back of the car, the bonnet.
so shuanng!

the others stayed inside the car.

CY- wearing her new shirt.
she loves it very much. haha

CY and me.

very happy.

luckily I wear very casual that day.
not wearing jeans so very easy jiu climbed up the car liao!

damn shuang.
I'm sure they all dunno that I very pro, so fast climb up the car is actually because I every year also climb Hilux whenever we go back to Marudi. haha

Jing Hung's car. followed by Choon Ping's at the back. haha

another pic of us.

then then then!!!

when we passed by the security house, the guard laughed out loud when he saw us.
like lol!

so funneh~

after that,
da jie overtake the Curtin bus.

guess who was sitting at the front seat of the bus?


he did the peace sign.
then that time I very high also,
then I ^^V him back! wakakka!!

happy duno why =P

can't believe such a small thing can make me so happy (:

I guess that's something good bout me?

sent CY home, then we all go Bou xia,
eat McD ice cream!

me and Sushi

we're wearing matching sets of clothes ler that day. LOL!

same black shirt,
same coloured pants
both fringe pinned up. LOL!

ate ChocoTop
can you believe it? this is my 1st time eating it wor.. haha

very nice lerhh .. haha
feel so xing fu when eating ^^

if only them calories would go away T_T

staying over at Wee's was fun too!
at 1st dad wouldn't let me go. lols

but then I got angry, cos obviously he didn't want me to go,
is cos he doesn't trust me!
and there's nothing I hate more than that...

you can mock me, look down on me.
but never, ever, accuse me of something I didn't do.


if I say I didn't do something, means I didn't. you should trust me.
if you don't then be gone.

so many things on my mind...
feel like typing today, don't know why... haha

long time didn't type a proper blog post. most of them are just pictures.

don't know what I'm feeling at the moment.
feel like there's so much to say,
and yet,
there's nothing to say...

sometimes I feel life isn't fair.
like, why do pretty people get all the attention?
and the not so pretty ones get left behind, taken for granted.

it's just... not fair.

how is it, I had so much to say before,

but sadly,

nothing to say now...

owh man.

life's gettin' at me again...

it's probably the fact that I'm totally broke now that's making me feel so distracted nowadays...

to my nu ren,
I miss you.

hope everything's okayy (:

waiting for you to come back.

our days together are getting less and less.....

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

karen, !

I'm sure everyone is gasping after seeing this picture!

like OMG?

so ghey can -,-

this two are officially a couple man.
don't believe me? go see their facebook status! =/

neways, if you think this 1st pic is crazy, wait till you see the last one.

am at Wee's house now! hehe
it's 1.54am and none of us are sleeping,
except well.. CY. LOL

but I'm sure she's not tired at all.
just jia jia go sleep so she can dream of her boi boi~ haha xD

today ar.. was late twice! =/

had design experiment today.
start at 12

I woke at 11.45.


got cham dao....
but thank goodness it was Mr Jason so he didn't scold me.. lols!

ate at Eve's Corner (:
with Sushi, CY, da jie and Wee.!

will blog bout it soon.
too lazy nowadays =D

and because of that, I was late for work ):

but but but
I had so much fun teaching just now!

the one in red(Karen) was my student.
I'm her replacement teacher =D

damn cute arrrr ~
haha ♥

when teaching, she'll suddenly look down and say quietly
"I really dunno how ar... "


"I very tired liao.."

so cute =P

then fine lor!~ she dun wanna play piano nemore, so so,
do theory!

colouring exercise bahh
then her sister (in pink, Zoey) came and joined the fun too!

she's so cute.
as in sseriously cute! :O
very talkative also haha!
she even came up to me and said
"behind my kitchen got many things oh.."

I asked got what oh?

she said, dunno?



I want them as my sisters ! =(
please? haha

ohh man... how I wish they were my students! sad sad

when going back, Karen even said to me,
(I'm going back liao oh, teacher.)

almost wanted to go and squeeze her arhh! so cute mannn ! :(
how I wish I had a sister to pamper!


can't believe my fringe's still so short!
it's been weeks already okayy! ;(

oh yea, took this WHILE driving.

proo XD

try this at home.
not easy okay, balancing a pencil between your mouth and nose.
especially when you have skin as smooth as mine.

I'm sure most of you have already forgotten, but to those who haven't:

here's the pic y'all have been waiting for since the beginning of this post.!


faint ???!

it's all up to you. ^^

they're not really ghey.
just exagerrating. haha ;D

one's taken one's single.

good luck to the girls, OR guys out there!


can't believe my dad loves me so much! hahaha ;D

Sunday, October 25, 2009

don't say goodbye~

4th post!!!!

my latest crave~

no more abc... it's yoghurt drinks now! ;D

and and, cut my hair on friday..
cos.. really too dry liao =(
like touching plastic wtf?!

so now it's not so long... =/
and not so straight =(
not that it was ever straight

and oh you just have to see me when I tie my hair up.

but somehow I like this hair, at least it's healthier? lolol
camwhored that night
wore a hat. hahaha!!

and it's not even mine.

my brothers found it on the ground

this face damn innocent -___-
so not like me.

hip hop yo~


stalker. hahaha!!

i memang ngam this role.

this hat not bad lah.

hopefully its owner won't see it on my blog and sue me for stealing or something.

after playing with the hat, played with eye liner -__-

no wonder I'm not getting any taller!!!!

ahahhaa please dun kill me.
I know I nothing to do =P

looks scary hor?? wuahahha!!

and hor, seriously,
my eyes one big one small.




cos I'm broke!

enjoy reading my latest 4 posts in ONE Day!! hahaha

this proves I'm not lazy, after all!! =D

3rd post!!

wahaha hopefully no one kills me for blogging this many posts all at once ):
lazy add it all into one post bahhh ;D

sort of compensating for my lack of updates as well ^^

Mr Foad's T-shirt!
we were the 1st group to sign on it. woohoo~ ;D

my digi man phone strap broke!

so now, I'm using the piggy (birthday pressie from JAc darling) and and annd!
the cute cute cute lil' penguin !


the penguin so cute larh~ T__T

Peach Melba?

I think.. haha

Alex and Wee.

knot take picture with him one.
whenever u walk close to him, he'll move away

scare we eat u is it???

the sakai presenting!

Crysssyy gave me this Hello Kitty putting contact lens thingy!

♥ her

it even has a mirror in it =D
lovesss ~

dragonfly key chain bought during the moral charity fair.

KC and HTC

stupiak. really stupiak

loook at his hair.

Hello Kitty!

last friday, (more than a week ago... this goes to show how lazy I am to blog )
was our Moral project.

there's this charity fair, where groups sell different things to gather $ to be donated to SCCS,
Sarawak Children Cancer Society.

our group sold fruit juice. haha

it was so hot man -___-
but not bad lar, had fun. sort of. =D

this guy so supportive
he bought 10 glasses of fruit juice.
then drank it one go... but alas, he couldn't take it and vomitted halfway =/

yikes. !

Tze Jing's group's stall was nearby to ours.

theirs very fun one wor~
got provide 'release stress' service!


by throwing water balloons!

at not-so-innocent people whom you love to hurt!

water balloons painful also hor~
don play play!

our big fruit juice selling group~
all in white.

after the event, ate abc with Jac darling.

at my fav abc place.

and last saturday,
went to Wei Ming's house to do the c++ project.

ah Wee!!

had lunch at a new place, so that can blog =D

there's this bakery beside it. woo!

very nice!
the design that is. not much bread inside luhh.
only the design of the place very special.

yummm ~

us camwhoring via the bathroom mirror.

notice someone behind us?
he's cleaning up the special room at the back.
not bad ler...

like you can have a private room all to yourselves. !

PS: 2.56am.
damn tired!!