Sunday, October 11, 2009

straightened! :O

ok just a quick post b4 heading to bed!
plus dad and mum's nagging =P

straightened me hair the other day ! woohoo
with ah Wee ;DDDD

this is the before pic

okayy make that three before pics..

had lunch before straightening


at 1st thought the place still okay,
cos the owner like very friendly.

then ah, after eating ,
wanted to drink my Teh Tarik

and I saw something floating there!
at 1st thought aiya should be nothing just drink la..

thank goodness I checked!
cos it was a fly!!!



beh song ahh!
will never go there ever ever again!!

the saloon

it's in someone's house

sakai ah wee! Haha

see the stylist so pro

see me taking pic, she straightaway disapparate (from Harry Potter, remember?? hahaha)
too bad not quick enough for my camera!

washing hair. hhahaha
who this sakai btw?? D:

after that, we ate at Sau Pau.

the mee lah.. haha
though very hot

but I've never been that full all my life!
(okayy perhaps I might have exaggerated a lil'... but still!)

choir pratice at night,
Jessica's so good in the piano!
walauuu admire her ahhh !!


listened to them playing the wedding song! WOO!

I Lovessss Weddingggssss ♥

after practice,
went yam cha with AWHYO! hahaha

chit chat at open air there till 1230am.

not that late luhh, dad nagging liaos !

anyways, we all damn high arhh chat so long

but very fun lah! hehe
miss them all.
this Ee Hau, become so funny also.

we all at there bully Poh Lim.!

damn happy lah can see them all. hehe
then at the end of the day,
we even decided that when we get home,
each of us make up an emo status, and see who gets the most likes.




went to a wedding!!
damn happy can???

dad suddenly called asking me whether I wanna go wedding cos he's not going.

then I told him that I meeting frens liao la.
tio him scold -__-

so mood kinda spoiled jor =(

but luckily dear them didn't scold me ^^

thanks for u guys de understanding (:

the bride and groom!!

kinda awkward at 1st.
like dunno anyone there =X

but aiya me this thick face one won't mind de!

got one sweet and sour fish sibeh nice! ROARR~~

grandma so good go and put so many on my plate!
I eat till so happy ;D

okayy lah..
the after pics


not so nice luhh =.="
but I'm trying to get used to this new look of mine.

notice how short my front hair is now?

this one nicer cos knot see the front hair! hahah

and there's one thing I realize bout my eyes..
one big one small =X

so sad...

no idea what happened, why my left eye looks silver-ish.
no colour contacts on!

and notice how my left eye is sort of swelling?
and the right eye isn't?

well it's been swelling for quite some time already..
last time the swell'll be gone after two days or so...

but now it still hasn't =(

Wee says I better see a doctor cos it might be something wrong with my contacts..

I hate seeing doctors =(

how how?? T~T

stupid eyes.
stupid front hair.

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