Tuesday, October 27, 2009

karen,you.have.to.read.this.post. !

I'm sure everyone is gasping after seeing this picture!

like OMG?

so ghey can -,-

this two are officially a couple man.
don't believe me? go see their facebook status! =/

neways, if you think this 1st pic is crazy, wait till you see the last one.

am at Wee's house now! hehe
it's 1.54am and none of us are sleeping,
except well.. CY. LOL

but I'm sure she's not tired at all.
just jia jia go sleep so she can dream of her boi boi~ haha xD

today ar.. was late twice! =/

had design experiment today.
start at 12

I woke at 11.45.


got cham dao....
but thank goodness it was Mr Jason so he didn't scold me.. lols!

ate at Eve's Corner (:
with Sushi, CY, da jie and Wee.!

will blog bout it soon.
too lazy nowadays =D

and because of that, I was late for work ):

but but but
I had so much fun teaching just now!

the one in red(Karen) was my student.
I'm her replacement teacher =D

damn cute arrrr ~
haha ♥

when teaching, she'll suddenly look down and say quietly
"I really dunno how ar... "


"I very tired liao.."

so cute =P

then fine lor!~ she dun wanna play piano nemore, so so,
do theory!

colouring exercise bahh
then her sister (in pink, Zoey) came and joined the fun too!

she's so cute.
as in sseriously cute! :O
very talkative also haha!
she even came up to me and said
"behind my kitchen got many things oh.."

I asked got what oh?

she said, dunno?



I want them as my sisters ! =(
please? haha

ohh man... how I wish they were my students! sad sad

when going back, Karen even said to me,
(I'm going back liao oh, teacher.)

almost wanted to go and squeeze her arhh! so cute mannn ! :(
how I wish I had a sister to pamper!


can't believe my fringe's still so short!
it's been weeks already okayy! ;(

oh yea, took this WHILE driving.

proo XD

try this at home.
not easy okay, balancing a pencil between your mouth and nose.
especially when you have skin as smooth as mine.

I'm sure most of you have already forgotten, but to those who haven't:

here's the pic y'all have been waiting for since the beginning of this post.!


faint ???!

it's all up to you. ^^

they're not really ghey.
just exagerrating. haha ;D

one's taken one's single.

good luck to the girls, OR guys out there!


can't believe my dad loves me so much! hahaha ;D

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