Tuesday, October 13, 2009

you're the drug I crave for, time after time...

mission wishlist impossible:-

1. Hello Kitty Necklace
gorgeous now, ain't it? ):
I want one lar....
costs 1k ++ USD!

2. Fahrenheit Life Story

I want this lar.. =/

saw it in Popular.... rm82.50
waste of money I know, but I really wanna buy it T~T
but on the other hand, I'm really running low on funds..

wishlist = things you'll never own, not even in a million years

this is also the reason I removed my wishlist from my blog -_-


today, ECS presentation started... T~T!!!
oh the horror, I haven't even begin with my slides! ARGHHH

Wilson ge wear till so smart today, so did the other presentators!

KC and Wilson
gay ah!!


nothing much happened today.

on 2nd thought, so much happened today !

1. my car died in Parkson's basement carpark wtf??
- when I wanted to repark the car, it couldn't start. WALAU! even when going back, still can't start.

KC helping me out.

thanks ya! (:
never knew you're this good

2. called dad and passed him the car keys + parking coupon
-thank goodness KC's driving. went to Dynasty, passed dad my car keys, and parking coupon
and what happened after I have no idea =X
all I know is the car is safely home round 2pm. LOL!

3. made fun/scold other drivers out there on the road with us
-I was in a not so good mood, obviously, then KC and I were both scolding those inconsiderate drivers on the road.
ah Wee at the back wanna siao liao ! hahaha

4. risked spoiling my phone to take a picture of ...

Crystal! :O~~~

5. shoe hunt with CY and ah Wee!! ;DDDD

requested CY to try these on! looks so ... so...
hmm haha
very geng jiu shi liao! :P

wish I could fit into those! T~T

ate at Sajian Warisan before shopping.
wowow next time I must try the tomyam mee
damn nice larh wtf ! CY ate it and I was eye-ing it all thru dinner

not bad lerh CY choose shoes very fast. haha
must say she looks good walking in heels too (:

have you noticed that I'm not emo-ing as much lately?

well I'm feeling emo now dunno why =(

suddenly miss him dunno why. aiiks.

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