Thursday, October 15, 2009

I'm addicted to.....

Cafe World!!

well, not as much anymore! ;D

really have nothing to blog about nowadays.
gonna be busy tomorrow,
cos there's this fund raising thingy in campus! ^^

our group's selling fruit juice,
hope we can make a profit so can donate for the Children Cancer (:

since I've nothing to blog about, I figured why not share some of these old posts of mine?

just for the fun of it. !


remember to ctrl+click!
that way the link opens in a new tab. ^^

1. proof that I loved Chen Yi Ru wayyyy back! (Jan 09')
seriously, even I myself didn't know I liked him back then.. lolol

2. My Emo Past!
check out these posts and you'll be amazed at how emo I used to be ._.

very tired... but lazy to sleep -_-

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