Saturday, October 31, 2009

桃花小妹 ♥

sorry to have to bore you all with this post of mine!


watched 桃花小妹 ♥ yesterday!
it's so funny ! haha

heard that my Calvin 辰亦儒 's in it,
that's why I watched it.

however, watched till episode 2 already,
still haven't appear :(

the storyline's pretty funny.
the 4 guys behind are the over protective brothers. damn funny larh them LOL!

the one in yellow's cute! :P
he's the genius in the family. haha
then everytime got guy chase their sister, aka 桃花, they'll all go nuts LMAO

and then he'll be the one who hacks into idk what and get their info. apuuhh

so funny haha

so sad lor.. I was hoping Chen Yi Ru'll be the main character who wins the girl's heart.
but bo hope liao lar!!

she's already fallen for Wang Dong Cheng :((

and uknow how a girl's heart works.
once they fall for someone,
knot see anyone else liao LOL! :X

the v cute brother! woo~~

丁春誠 (:

never seen or heard of him before lols..

looks quite cute without glasses. but I prefer him with glasses =D


but no matter how cute he is, I still love Chen Yi Ru most! ;D

though his hair in this movie is GOLD, (WTF?!)
I think lar..

saw in the preview. hopefully I saw wrongly!

gold. zz so ugly T___T

Tao Hua, and her 5 brothers. LOL!

桃花小妹 -- nice show. !!

watch it ! ;D

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