Wednesday, October 28, 2009

short of words

I've been over-sleeping for the past few days!
skipped class this morning cos I woke at 8am,

class starts at 8 - FML


yesterday was fun.

we only had one class - Chemistry tutorial.


CY and I stayed at Wee's.
then followed da jie's car to school!

hehe she drove her Hilux so that can fit us all.


after Chemi,

it's time to go home! ;DDDDD

damn happy!

and and annd!

CY and I, we both sat at the back of the car, the bonnet.
so shuanng!

the others stayed inside the car.

CY- wearing her new shirt.
she loves it very much. haha

CY and me.

very happy.

luckily I wear very casual that day.
not wearing jeans so very easy jiu climbed up the car liao!

damn shuang.
I'm sure they all dunno that I very pro, so fast climb up the car is actually because I every year also climb Hilux whenever we go back to Marudi. haha

Jing Hung's car. followed by Choon Ping's at the back. haha

another pic of us.

then then then!!!

when we passed by the security house, the guard laughed out loud when he saw us.
like lol!

so funneh~

after that,
da jie overtake the Curtin bus.

guess who was sitting at the front seat of the bus?


he did the peace sign.
then that time I very high also,
then I ^^V him back! wakakka!!

happy duno why =P

can't believe such a small thing can make me so happy (:

I guess that's something good bout me?

sent CY home, then we all go Bou xia,
eat McD ice cream!

me and Sushi

we're wearing matching sets of clothes ler that day. LOL!

same black shirt,
same coloured pants
both fringe pinned up. LOL!

ate ChocoTop
can you believe it? this is my 1st time eating it wor.. haha

very nice lerhh .. haha
feel so xing fu when eating ^^

if only them calories would go away T_T

staying over at Wee's was fun too!
at 1st dad wouldn't let me go. lols

but then I got angry, cos obviously he didn't want me to go,
is cos he doesn't trust me!
and there's nothing I hate more than that...

you can mock me, look down on me.
but never, ever, accuse me of something I didn't do.


if I say I didn't do something, means I didn't. you should trust me.
if you don't then be gone.

so many things on my mind...
feel like typing today, don't know why... haha

long time didn't type a proper blog post. most of them are just pictures.

don't know what I'm feeling at the moment.
feel like there's so much to say,
and yet,
there's nothing to say...

sometimes I feel life isn't fair.
like, why do pretty people get all the attention?
and the not so pretty ones get left behind, taken for granted.

it's just... not fair.

how is it, I had so much to say before,

but sadly,

nothing to say now...

owh man.

life's gettin' at me again...

it's probably the fact that I'm totally broke now that's making me feel so distracted nowadays...

to my nu ren,
I miss you.

hope everything's okayy (:

waiting for you to come back.

our days together are getting less and less.....

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