Sunday, October 25, 2009

had fun (:

was forced to a party just now! ):

it started out horribly

didn't wanna go at all
I didn't even bath cos I didn't expect to go ._.

who knew mum and dad were determined that we all go to the party together..

so yea I was dragged along as well -__-

couldn't smile at all.
I even swore to myself that I won't eat a single thing.
I had it all planned :

I get food so that nobody would question why I'm not eating.

I'd give them to my brother!


that's what I thought...

till I saw the food that is.

the food looked so delicious, tasted so damn good as well!

even an anorexia patient couldn't resist it. ROFL

blow candle~ =D

first of all, my mood became slightly better cos of all the cute lil' kids there.
all very cute one haha =P

Kish was there as well.
and the Philipino mums are also damn pretteh and funnehhh haha

so really hard not to smile :P

there's also this particular boy,
he looks like my brother man! haha

so.... WOW!

me and him.
I dun look good in any of the pics =(
but yea!

I'm happy in the picssss ;DDD

me and the boi. he actually told my brother that "I give him the creeps"

=.= !!

what's that supposed to mean!
I'm so friendly okkayyy!

look alike, no????

my brother on the left.
Kenneth on the right!

talked with bro as well. haha

the best part bout parties is that we get to bond (:

these were the ones who cheered me up (:

just look at the expression on my brother's face-

"want to fight is it??!"

"Heyy! pick on someone your own size! "

something funny happened as well.
my brother gebo gebo go and tell Kenneth's mother that he msg with girl.

then who knows, in the end he was the one being teased! -- by all the mums there!

as he was happily talking to Kenneth's mum,
suddenly the mum of the gorgeous girl there suddenly said,
"Hey I introduce you to my daughter lar!"


so everyone laughed hahahahaa!!!

then my dad came into the room.
then everyone told him.
like lol?

someone was blushing. wakaka!!! ;D


really had fun just now.
talked so much crap. ooh~ loved it! ♥

too bad my bad mood was passed onto my youngest brother....

dunno he emo what ._.

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