Sunday, February 28, 2010


i'm feeling a whole lot of mixed emotions right now.

#1 nervous - school's starting soon. and with school brings great responsibilities, or in other words, lots and lots of assignments, group activities, driving up and down, rotting in the cafeteria/library you name it. bahhh. 

oh, did i mention tonnes of last minute-ing?


#2 anxious - can't wait to use my new PINK shaker hahaha! bought just now ;D
oh plus i just washed my pencil case, it's so cute woo~
and and and also can't wait to use new bag. LMAO

#3 sad - like i said, with school brings great responsibilities.
frankly speaking, i hate responsibilities and want nothing to do with it. but what the heck? haha
byebye sleeping till i wake up naturally,
byebye online-ing whole day and stop only to eat
byebye .. whatever i did during my long summer break lah. haha

and as you can see, i'm getting lazier and lazier nowadays. i don't even blog anymore T_T
what the is wrong with me?!!
so wish me luck with my "studying during break time plan"
as if it'll work.

but i'll try my best lah. don't wanna barely pass like last year :(
i wanna be the best (:

not best best, amongst the best also can. hahaha

today's lunch:
walauu this pizza damn yummy man T,T
too bad it was slightly cold when i ate it : (

after church, bro went to the car shop Option to do some more upgrades.
don't know why he so much money for all these lah.
boys will be boys.
i guess ?

howw come i don't see Bryan, Daryl doing anything with their cars one?!
even Terry who's like the rich ass in our group never do such things also. haha !

wow from this pic his car looks like Merce. hahaha!
credits to the AWESOME photographer. ^^

crap my stomach hurts need to go now.

pics of me in case y'all miss me. and if you don't, I DON'T NEED TO KNOW.
*fake smile*

all no edit one arh. like i said, DAMN LAZY. T3T

last pic like got use eye liner eh. next time no need waste money buy liao. hahaha


gonna try change group tomorrow. wish me luck ppl!



Thursday, February 25, 2010

trip to marudi !

i've dragged this long enough. it's time to update bout my trip to Marudi! during chinese new year which was like.. weeks ago? ahahaha
it wasn't that interesting,
just decided to post up the pix that i took because i'm so bored right now :D

cute cute cousin. 
he's even cuter this year. because he didn't hit me as much as he did last time T.T
and he damn pro one. he loves Tom and Jerry very much. so his mum stored idk how many episodes of T&J inside his iPod Touch. 

kik kik kik 

look at him. so cute one xDDDD

oh yah, this year, just like last year, we drove to Marudi. dad said the road was much better but it still sucked to me =.=

damnnn bumpy ! i was shaking all the way i thought i was gonna lose weight from all that exercise. ahaha

and of course, long distance travelling means people with bladder issues will have to settle their business by the road. wakaka
 exhibit #1 
(that's mum's hand trying to block me from taking this pic)

exhibit #2

Marudi's a very small place.
the second day we went grocery shopping with our cousins. then Lloyd saw a kid riding a bike, and he said he wanted to steal that bike. (cos the kid like just left it by the road and went inside the store o_o) 

so i asked my cousins, how come nobody ever steals things here?
they said
"Marudi's so small. you steal something the whole town knows.

 wtf wtf 

and apparently, their PS2 was stolen some time ago and they managed to get it back. cool~

but believe it or not, there's actually a lounge in Marudi.  !

my cousin said it's his dad (aka my uncle) 's lounge. O.O
till now, I still don't know whether he's joking or not. but he looked damn serious. haha

so while the kids played, the big studs *cough* sat down and ate ice cream. wahahaha
it was such a hot day, that glass of ice cream was like heaven man. *~* 


uncle's drink .  :O~

this year, instead of going to our cousins' church, we went to the RC one. 
all lakia one T~T 

after church, ----- visiting time!! wwoooo~~

idk who took this pic. frm left: bro (stripe shirt), uncle (red) , cousin (white), 2nd bro (grey) and lastly, mum in purple!

my cousin wearing white shirt one become damn engtao leh!! *drools

when i told mum that he became very handsome, she said, your brother also very handsome ah. 

he's dancing to the new year song in his iTouch. !

this cousin of mine damn cute one!! ;D 


right one is my biao jie. studying in KL one now =D
damn leng ahh... like her engtao brother. hahhaha 

dad, bro and I left Marudi early. on Tuesday i think. 
that morning, we went to the cemetery to visit grandpa. after that we went for breakfast in the market
damn many of us! ;DD

need 4 tables i think? ;D

i had 干面酱油辣 (kolok mee + soya sauce + chili)

walau ehh~~ YUMMS* 

so that's bout it? haha. all we did was eat, sleep, tv, dota ,visiting ,talk ,eat ,drink and SLEEP again. hahaha

went shopping with Karen babe on Saturday. ! it's been awhile since we shopped lerhh! 
didn't expect to buy anything, but in the end bought something -_- 

bahh this shoe was just so adorable i couldn't resist!! ahaha :P 
Karen bought a pair of shoes too.

and we kept blaming each other, 
saying :
"if i was out shopping with someone else, sure won't buy anything one"


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

what would you do?

everything that lies within, are nothing but lies...

i was just wondering,
if the truth hurts, would you rather be told a lie?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

happy birthday PL!!

guess whose birthday we celebrated yesterday? ;DD 

he's birthday cake so cute lerh. hahaha. got a cute princess, and a monster truck too!
ooiseh man.


did you guess correctly? 
the answer is Mr Sim Poh Lim! 

his birthday is tomorrow but we celebrated it earlier since quite alot of us were in Miri. 

had lunch at 状元楼, it's nearby Ming's. 

and everyone knows what's next lah. the cake comes out, the celebrant pretends he/she's surprised. then we all sing the birthday song while celebrant makes a wish then blow candle then cut cake then EAT. !


#1 celebrant pretends to be happy and poses for the camera

#2 celebrant makes a birthday wish while the surrounding others sing an out of tune birthday song. in as many languages possible.

#3 after celebrant makes his/her wish & making it alive through that horribly out of tune birthday song, celebrant then proceeds to blow out the candles.
 by this time, the cake is practically reheated from all that candle burning.
and thus, perfect to be eaten.

#4 celebrant now takes the candle out from the cake, using his mouth.

#5 last but not least, celebrant cuts the cake!!

wooo and everyone present noms it. ^^

the end.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

awhyo bai nian

wooo~ it's been awhile, bloggie. ;D

yesterday was damn fun! was out visiting the whole day with Awhyo.
 1st stop was my house. don't have much new year food in my house lor -_- 
so went to Bou buy some junk foods and drinks xD

bought colour contacts too. wahaha
FreshLook's Turquoise

sadly, the color was quite a disappointment lor :(
like, nothing special bout it. ~.~

round 11am, they start arriving.
Susan, Bry came 1st. then c3, Kri, EeHau and lastly PL.

Bry looking sexy in those Hello Kitty slippers. wakaka

after that, we went to EeHau's house. then PL's.
round 3pm, SOMEBODY msged c3 saying he want to go to her house. so we rushed to her house. who knew, SOMEBODY msged again saying he'll be late. *angry face*

beh song lor. we were in a hurry had to rush back to Bry's house bah. he's making garlic bread for us arh! *drools

then they don't understand one. we keep hinting that we have to go le. but THEY still sat there wtf.
i don't know why i felt so beh song lor.
just... don't like what THEY've become. don't get me wrong. I'm not referring to all of them.
just ONE or TWO of THEM.

so finally we managed to 'break free' of THEM round 4.30pm.
WTF freakin' 4.30 leh. -,-

went Bry's house. then makan his special garlic bread. Delicia joined us too.
didn't get to see his cute lil' bro cos he's sick. T.T

om nom nom. damn nice one ok!!

next stop was Susan's house.
she took out her red wine ler. haha. shiok sia~
then someone got drunk. HAHAHA

damn funny one!!
his face damn red. then talk also like crazy crazy one.


nehh (points down)

after that we went Kri's house. ngaiti lor. the drunk guy kept saying hamsap things.
i'm gonna skip the details, but what he said made Kri's sis dun dare take bath liao. lolol!!

pic at KRi's

Susan look so happy. hahaha

gahh damn exhausted when reached home at the end of the day. :O
but it was all worth it. (:

spending time with my beloved awhyo. woohoo~

ok now for a late update on c3 and Doris' birthday celebration.

celebrated at Citrus.

the birthdayy cake ;D

two leng lui birthday girls making wish.

after celebrating, we went to the New Year Bazaar too.

c3 and Olic ;D

me and Kri laopo~

so many first time's for me this year. ^^

1st time I went to the New Year Bazaar. also the 1st time i bai nian-ed with awhyo. haha.

happy new year everyone! 

I know y'all miss me. so here's two pix of me. damn fresh one. hahaha!!

and here's my cousin's ham face. :P



Friday, February 12, 2010


*WARNING* this is a zero picture post!

just back from breakfast with da jie, sushi, Yun Hui, Jia Ying, Jeen Yan and Lester! 
it was fun. long time didn't see Sushi. hoho really missed her. (: 
and glad to see da jie again, scare this'll be the last time i can meet her :( she'll be leaving for NZ soon. aghh !

was supposed to meet them at Boulevard last night.. but well, something happened... 
and i'm here to blog about that something

ahh it all happened too suddenly. like, one second i was happily driving (okay not really i was doing something else as well *guilty*) then the next thing i knew i heard this defeaning 'BOOM' sound. 
and i was like OMG this cannot be happening to me. 

i mean, i've never been in a car accident before bah.. =S 
guess that made me a lil' cocky lor. like "impossible i'll be involved in an accident"

but it really did happen. i was text messaging (i know i got myself into this so don't give me that look) and then i hit the car in front of me. 
the guy stopped, so i stopped too. went down and took a look. at first glance it seemed like nothing happened lor. so i was sort of relief? and i asked him "err ok ka?"

he glared at me wtf 
and said "macam mana leh amoi?

woahh he looked like death. so so fierce the face 
frightened me T.T

then i don't know what to do mar. so i said, "err.. you gimme your number then .."
him: "later you run away how??"

then i was like.. err true also hor. HAHAHA

so he asked me to drive in front cos we were blocking. and there's this police truck there. and dono why at the time i thought it was an ambulance. ZZZ
so i said "err ambulance there ka?"

there was a pause. 
and he said 
"mana ambulance. police sana lah!"

only then i realized how screwed i was. imagine, getting the police involved! walauuu !
i thought for sure my license bye bye liao
scared the hell outta me T__T 

then i started trembling wtf

turns out the police were well... funny. haha!
stopped the car there, only then i noticed his car.. the back bumper came off -___-
damn strong ler me. HAHA

then the police said to me "amoi your car leh?"
only then i realized i haven't even look at my car yet. =( 
miraculously, no damage at all! (: 

then the police(s) started making jokes, saying "waa kuat hor Vios. next time saya mau beli Vios juga.
(wow Vios so strong hor, next time i also wanna buy vios.)


damn lame one. 

then the guy was calling his friend asking how much to change his bumper.
when i asked he said

i choked, literally. took a deep breath, then asked
"err.. 3.5k?"


they all laughed at me -___-
then the guy (finally) smiled and said,
"3.5k.. 3 hundred 50 lah.
if 3.5k i can change new engine liao lor."

so phew. what a relief HAHA

so the guy asked me to call my dad. ahh.. i was shocked.. i wanted to uknow.. settle this without involving my parents :(
guhh and i broke down when calling. like i realized this is out of my hands? :S
and also i was afraid dad'll kill me. -___-

then they all laughed at me, AGAIN!!
"waaa.. crying ah amoi?"

i wanted to say YES I AM CAN'T YOU SEE. !

bahh so in the end dad and mum came over. settled everything and went home :O
thank God I had Cryssy to confide to. hehe thanks girl ! ;D

ok lah i'm fine now. better go pack. going Marudi soon! hoohoooo!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

i'm serious

oh my God
i've never wanted anything so badly before... okayy maybe i have, but still... 

saw this Tokidoki for Hello Kitty bag some time ago.. but decided it was wayyyy over my budget (it still is) and hence, not worth it.
but but but... :S 

was online shopping drooling just now, and I saw it again. 
i still felt oh so strongly towards it. ! 
you might think i sound like a lunatic now, but just you wait.
one day, you'll find something that captures your heart, and you can't stop thinking bout it till you have your hands on it! 

that's how i felt the moment i laid eyes on this baby.
ugghh it's the most gorgeous thing I have ever seen!! 

how much does it cost??

--- RM568 ++ after converting. FML

but but but...... it's so so gorgeous :( !!

haiy haiy haiy... i really want one !

one more thing ! 

it's limited edition OMG
i want to scream!! 
i wanna buy it but it's so freakin expensive!!!! just the shipping cost alone is damn expensive already. after converting is RM100+++ 
walauu.. *sobs* 


it comes with this cute Hello Kitty Tokidoki plushie too!

haiy haiy haiy. hopefully i manage to save enuf to buy this before it goes out of stock !
or even better, lose interest in it ASAP.! hah!! ;D 

aiiks.. doubt dad'll let me buy lor.. 
i'm sure he'll say something like "Twinkle, you're not even working yet! stop spending money like you are."
*disappointed look*


but i want it daddy i want it so bad. T_T 

and like Amanda and Doreen says, 
"this is way better than sex."

oh yeah baby
 screw sex. i want this bag.

credits: pix from here, here and here.

400th post dedicated to Hello Kitty