Thursday, February 25, 2010

trip to marudi !

i've dragged this long enough. it's time to update bout my trip to Marudi! during chinese new year which was like.. weeks ago? ahahaha
it wasn't that interesting,
just decided to post up the pix that i took because i'm so bored right now :D

cute cute cousin. 
he's even cuter this year. because he didn't hit me as much as he did last time T.T
and he damn pro one. he loves Tom and Jerry very much. so his mum stored idk how many episodes of T&J inside his iPod Touch. 

kik kik kik 

look at him. so cute one xDDDD

oh yah, this year, just like last year, we drove to Marudi. dad said the road was much better but it still sucked to me =.=

damnnn bumpy ! i was shaking all the way i thought i was gonna lose weight from all that exercise. ahaha

and of course, long distance travelling means people with bladder issues will have to settle their business by the road. wakaka
 exhibit #1 
(that's mum's hand trying to block me from taking this pic)

exhibit #2

Marudi's a very small place.
the second day we went grocery shopping with our cousins. then Lloyd saw a kid riding a bike, and he said he wanted to steal that bike. (cos the kid like just left it by the road and went inside the store o_o) 

so i asked my cousins, how come nobody ever steals things here?
they said
"Marudi's so small. you steal something the whole town knows.

 wtf wtf 

and apparently, their PS2 was stolen some time ago and they managed to get it back. cool~

but believe it or not, there's actually a lounge in Marudi.  !

my cousin said it's his dad (aka my uncle) 's lounge. O.O
till now, I still don't know whether he's joking or not. but he looked damn serious. haha

so while the kids played, the big studs *cough* sat down and ate ice cream. wahahaha
it was such a hot day, that glass of ice cream was like heaven man. *~* 


uncle's drink .  :O~

this year, instead of going to our cousins' church, we went to the RC one. 
all lakia one T~T 

after church, ----- visiting time!! wwoooo~~

idk who took this pic. frm left: bro (stripe shirt), uncle (red) , cousin (white), 2nd bro (grey) and lastly, mum in purple!

my cousin wearing white shirt one become damn engtao leh!! *drools

when i told mum that he became very handsome, she said, your brother also very handsome ah. 

he's dancing to the new year song in his iTouch. !

this cousin of mine damn cute one!! ;D 


right one is my biao jie. studying in KL one now =D
damn leng ahh... like her engtao brother. hahhaha 

dad, bro and I left Marudi early. on Tuesday i think. 
that morning, we went to the cemetery to visit grandpa. after that we went for breakfast in the market
damn many of us! ;DD

need 4 tables i think? ;D

i had 干面酱油辣 (kolok mee + soya sauce + chili)

walau ehh~~ YUMMS* 

so that's bout it? haha. all we did was eat, sleep, tv, dota ,visiting ,talk ,eat ,drink and SLEEP again. hahaha

went shopping with Karen babe on Saturday. ! it's been awhile since we shopped lerhh! 
didn't expect to buy anything, but in the end bought something -_- 

bahh this shoe was just so adorable i couldn't resist!! ahaha :P 
Karen bought a pair of shoes too.

and we kept blaming each other, 
saying :
"if i was out shopping with someone else, sure won't buy anything one"


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