Tuesday, February 2, 2010

i can has NEW colour contacts :D

just a week ago, i bought a new pair of colour contacts.
Grey colour from Freshlook. 

and now, I can't use it anymore cos there's a crack in the middle.

no wonder it hurt every time I blinked. 
and all the while I thought my eye lashes fell into my eyes or something.

miraculously, mum said yes, I could buy a new pair. muahahah
imagine my hapiness when she did.  \o/

tried out a new brand this time. 

rm35 per pair selling in Boulevard. ground floor :P

I bought the violet one.

there's many other colours to choose from. not as many choices as Freshkon and Freshlook though
this brand has Green, Grey, Blue, Violet. and Brown.

oops only can remember these. haha

was deciding between Rainbow's Violet and Freshkon's. 
Freshkon's violet very bright bah, making it almost pink. =D
wanted to get that, but in the end bought Rainbow one!

I don't regret it one bit ;D
thanks Vian  for helping me choose  ! haha

okayy some pics to prove how great SUPERB Rainbow contacts are!

don't need to be a genius to know which is before and which is after lah hor. 
I have intelligent readers, I know I do. :D

and this is how it'll look like when you're in shock. hahaha

omgggg and if you look at your eyes closely, as in damn damn damn close, you can even see the small bubble-flowery-like thingy in the middle. 

not only that, having violet coloured eyes is the bomb.
come on, it's violet, not boring old purple.

so next time someone goes up to you and say:
"omg is that purple eyes u have??"

glare at him/her(no matter how attractive he/she is), give them a cold, hard stare, 
and say:
"excuse me.
I have violet eyes, you dumbass.
purple, ugh"
roll your eyes.
then walk away. 

omggg don't you just ♥ colour contacts?! muahaha!! 

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