Sunday, February 21, 2010

happy birthday PL!!

guess whose birthday we celebrated yesterday? ;DD 

he's birthday cake so cute lerh. hahaha. got a cute princess, and a monster truck too!
ooiseh man.


did you guess correctly? 
the answer is Mr Sim Poh Lim! 

his birthday is tomorrow but we celebrated it earlier since quite alot of us were in Miri. 

had lunch at 状元楼, it's nearby Ming's. 

and everyone knows what's next lah. the cake comes out, the celebrant pretends he/she's surprised. then we all sing the birthday song while celebrant makes a wish then blow candle then cut cake then EAT. !


#1 celebrant pretends to be happy and poses for the camera

#2 celebrant makes a birthday wish while the surrounding others sing an out of tune birthday song. in as many languages possible.

#3 after celebrant makes his/her wish & making it alive through that horribly out of tune birthday song, celebrant then proceeds to blow out the candles.
 by this time, the cake is practically reheated from all that candle burning.
and thus, perfect to be eaten.

#4 celebrant now takes the candle out from the cake, using his mouth.

#5 last but not least, celebrant cuts the cake!!

wooo and everyone present noms it. ^^

the end.

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