Thursday, February 18, 2010

awhyo bai nian

wooo~ it's been awhile, bloggie. ;D

yesterday was damn fun! was out visiting the whole day with Awhyo.
 1st stop was my house. don't have much new year food in my house lor -_- 
so went to Bou buy some junk foods and drinks xD

bought colour contacts too. wahaha
FreshLook's Turquoise

sadly, the color was quite a disappointment lor :(
like, nothing special bout it. ~.~

round 11am, they start arriving.
Susan, Bry came 1st. then c3, Kri, EeHau and lastly PL.

Bry looking sexy in those Hello Kitty slippers. wakaka

after that, we went to EeHau's house. then PL's.
round 3pm, SOMEBODY msged c3 saying he want to go to her house. so we rushed to her house. who knew, SOMEBODY msged again saying he'll be late. *angry face*

beh song lor. we were in a hurry had to rush back to Bry's house bah. he's making garlic bread for us arh! *drools

then they don't understand one. we keep hinting that we have to go le. but THEY still sat there wtf.
i don't know why i felt so beh song lor.
just... don't like what THEY've become. don't get me wrong. I'm not referring to all of them.
just ONE or TWO of THEM.

so finally we managed to 'break free' of THEM round 4.30pm.
WTF freakin' 4.30 leh. -,-

went Bry's house. then makan his special garlic bread. Delicia joined us too.
didn't get to see his cute lil' bro cos he's sick. T.T

om nom nom. damn nice one ok!!

next stop was Susan's house.
she took out her red wine ler. haha. shiok sia~
then someone got drunk. HAHAHA

damn funny one!!
his face damn red. then talk also like crazy crazy one.


nehh (points down)

after that we went Kri's house. ngaiti lor. the drunk guy kept saying hamsap things.
i'm gonna skip the details, but what he said made Kri's sis dun dare take bath liao. lolol!!

pic at KRi's

Susan look so happy. hahaha

gahh damn exhausted when reached home at the end of the day. :O
but it was all worth it. (:

spending time with my beloved awhyo. woohoo~

ok now for a late update on c3 and Doris' birthday celebration.

celebrated at Citrus.

the birthdayy cake ;D

two leng lui birthday girls making wish.

after celebrating, we went to the New Year Bazaar too.

c3 and Olic ;D

me and Kri laopo~

so many first time's for me this year. ^^

1st time I went to the New Year Bazaar. also the 1st time i bai nian-ed with awhyo. haha.

happy new year everyone! 

I know y'all miss me. so here's two pix of me. damn fresh one. hahaha!!

and here's my cousin's ham face. :P



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