Thursday, February 4, 2010

broke hohoho

went on a date with ah Wee yesterday !
it's been ages since we last met 

had lunch at Passion Corner, first time for me. not bad the place, nice deco, aircond, even have wifi 
not that the wifi was anywhere useful for me. -_-
(the people behind us were online-ing via their laptop - SHOW OFFs!)

 when we finished lunch,we saw THIS guy standing in front of the car beside mine. 

and Wee was like, phew lucky you don't have saman.
then I checked, and really got saman WTF 

so I straightaway turned and glared at him.
but he didn't even have the nerve to look at me. dickless coward. 

the ticket only expired 5minutes ma wtf
so ngiao ji gao???

thank goodness only rm1.oo charge. if rm15 again I'll go out and push you to the drain. 
don't know why I'm so worked out over this. PMS I guess LMAO

the car beside me even worse lor. he wrote a stack of samans for him 
no wonder he was standing there for so long. 
crazy ass. 
write so many saman got OT for you meh? 

went to Parkson after  (where else, right? T.T)

suddenly tempted to buy the dye hair thing :( 
cos like, everyone straightaway dyed their hair after graduating from form5, and here I am, turning 19 this year and I haven't dyed a decent color for my hair. OMG what a shame.

hovered around the L'Oreal, Wella and Revlon hair dye section in Guardian for like, forever.
plus there's no aircond at that part I DON'T KNOW WHY 

sometimes, i wonder how ah Wee stands me. ~_~ 

left for Imperial. 
hoho finally couldn't stand it nemore and bought the hair dye there. thank goodness I did.
cos L'Oreal one in Imperial are one sale! WTF
compared to the one in Guardian which is like, rm30++? 

what a relief I didn't buy it in Guardian :P

we walk walk walk till almost pengsan ._.
then sat on the bench, and thought bout where to go next, for dinner. ROFL
it was only 5pm leh that time .haha ;D

oh yehh  camwhored on the bench too. ! 

so we thought long and hard, (well actually Wee was the one thinking, I on the other hand, was busy thinking whether I should buy another pair of colour contacts wtf!)

we had so many options to choose from :
  •  chop at New Thompson 
  •  open air in town area
  • Taiwan something something.. lol (forgot name liao)
  • Double Star

and guess where we ended up eating dinner?


hahaha :D
cos it's finger lickin' G.O.O.D.

yummehhh~ *drools

sadly hor, the food quite disappointing one. not as nice as other KFC's -,-
never come to KFC Imperial ever again WTF

oh yeh, bout the contact lens I sort of promoted the other day, there were some issues with it yesterday.
I couldn't see a damn thing. 
I mean, of course I could la, if not I wouldn't still be alive here (driving on the road and all).
I can see, but I can't focus.

oh the horror.
whenever I see a pretty silhouette, i'll ask Wee, is she pretty??

then she say, no. 
then I get all disappointed. ROFL

then worst part, saw so many engtao 'faceless' people yesterday. then whenever I wanna 'zoom in' to see the face, all i see is a blur

i want to cry. lols!!!

can't there be like a colour contact that looks great and lets u see things? -,-
Cryssy , once again bringing hope to the hopeless (i like this phrase :D)
said try soaking it in the solution for 8 hours. 
really hope it works else I'll have to buy a new one, again. haix.
dun dare tell my mum ar, she explode later. T_T

sorry for all the vulgars in this post. gahh
thinking bout how the hell am I gonna dye my hair since my brother doesn't want to help me with this shit. grrr
cham liao me. T_T 

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