Tuesday, February 9, 2010

i love my hello kitty's :3

my beloved Awhyo♥
damn happy ler finish editing this pic. haha

ok now for the pics of what happened the past few days. 

friday, went Parkson with Do and San.
we walked around Parkson, but I was too poor at the time to buy anything. T_T 

hang out at Coffee Bean, camwhored etc etc 

oh oh saw a hello kitty hp pouch !
it's damn cute lerhh :S
am so gonna buy it grrr!! 

me me me :D

doreen and her hubby - Martin from Boys like Girls.
look alike no? 

needless to say, had tonnes of fun with them xD
sadly, had to leave at 630pm.
met up with Doris dear, then went to c3's house. hoohoo~
her bro's open house

group pic !

then on saturday night, went sing K with a bunch of leng luisss + 1 leng zai!! 
da jie, Yen Ru, Candy, Siaw Ing + her sis, Siaw Ling, Kri, c3, Tze Kian and mememe!!

 had fun, as mentioned in my previous(i think?) post. 

feel damn sad singing with so many gorgeous ppls. T~T
lucky can 借酒消愁 (borrow wine to ease the pain)
wtf wtf hahaha!!

Sunday afternoon, celebrated Terry's birthday at Double Star. !
haha. he looks happy in this pic. ! 
so ham one -_-

i think i mentioned what happened liao rite? lazy type so much haha :O

then monday evening, went cut hair with PL.
OMG lor no idea whether it was a wrong decision or not ~_~
went to Louis. =/ 
so lor went totally emo last night cos I saw him there. stupid me. worse part is, he didn't even recognize me. where got like that one? am I that forgettable? haiy. :( see now i'm sad again. zz
it's been ONE FREAKIN YEAR how come i still have slight feelings for the guy?! gahh of all the times to be loyal -___-

so like,
moving on......

after the hair cut, dropped by Parkson to buy something Hello Kitty! :D
woo!! every time I think bout this part arh i damn happy. hahaha!!

it's the most gorgeous thing I have ever laid eyes on. in miri lah. wtf !! 
*tears of joy* 


cute right cute right?! 
*jumps up and down*

wheeeee very high now LOL! 

dono ngam the bag or not. but dun care lahh~ :D
idk if i should use the thing, or just keep it in my cabinet, uknow, like my personal HK collection or something! hahaha. cos put on my bag later dirty how?! T.T

last but not least, an update on  today!! :D

Doreen and Sanjeet came over just now!
they helped my dye my hair. haha
wooo Doreen really damn pro lerh ;D sadly, the colour not that obvious, must be the product. hahaha
it was damn fun, the three of us kept goofing around here and there. then when we were done, suddenly my youngest bro opened the door and scared us. what the.. !! scared the hell out of me man. T.T
i screamed like freakin loudly hahaha!!

had a really good time with them (: 

finished round 5pm, then we headed to Boulevard. ;D
damn hungry bah that time lolol

bought lekor, then drinks! waaaa was so so full. 
after that, we bought bracelets
damn, there were like sooooooooo many choices to choose from!! see liao also blur. wakaka
but it was like heaven. OMG

amazing how we can shop even in sports attire. 
we've really outdone ourselves.

ughh.. i think i have to limit myself. lols. knot simply spend $$ !!

finally, we bought then went to boat club
Phoebe, her bf, Amanda joined us too. 

was having fun at the gym when the ngiao ji guard come tell me, only family members can come to the gym. non-members and not related one knot. -_- 

then everyone was like 
hey i'm her sister what. i'm her cousin ah. haha!! funneh :P 

Doreen's red hair. *jealous. 



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