Thursday, February 11, 2010

i'm serious

oh my God
i've never wanted anything so badly before... okayy maybe i have, but still... 

saw this Tokidoki for Hello Kitty bag some time ago.. but decided it was wayyyy over my budget (it still is) and hence, not worth it.
but but but... :S 

was online shopping drooling just now, and I saw it again. 
i still felt oh so strongly towards it. ! 
you might think i sound like a lunatic now, but just you wait.
one day, you'll find something that captures your heart, and you can't stop thinking bout it till you have your hands on it! 

that's how i felt the moment i laid eyes on this baby.
ugghh it's the most gorgeous thing I have ever seen!! 

how much does it cost??

--- RM568 ++ after converting. FML

but but but...... it's so so gorgeous :( !!

haiy haiy haiy... i really want one !

one more thing ! 

it's limited edition OMG
i want to scream!! 
i wanna buy it but it's so freakin expensive!!!! just the shipping cost alone is damn expensive already. after converting is RM100+++ 
walauu.. *sobs* 


it comes with this cute Hello Kitty Tokidoki plushie too!

haiy haiy haiy. hopefully i manage to save enuf to buy this before it goes out of stock !
or even better, lose interest in it ASAP.! hah!! ;D 

aiiks.. doubt dad'll let me buy lor.. 
i'm sure he'll say something like "Twinkle, you're not even working yet! stop spending money like you are."
*disappointed look*


but i want it daddy i want it so bad. T_T 

and like Amanda and Doreen says, 
"this is way better than sex."

oh yeah baby
 screw sex. i want this bag.

credits: pix from here, here and here.

400th post dedicated to Hello Kitty 


Hello Kitty Junkie said...

I *totally* understand where you're coming from... Or should I say overstand!? I am always having the same dilemma inside my head -- sometimes I drag my friends into it!

Hope you get it! n_n

MeLo♥ said...

gahhh!! can't believe u left me a comment ><!! you're like... Hello Kitty's no.1 fan! haha!! i can nvr beat ur collection of HK items. T.T

thanks (: hope i'll get it too. but for now, that seems kinda impossible. :X