Sunday, February 28, 2010


i'm feeling a whole lot of mixed emotions right now.

#1 nervous - school's starting soon. and with school brings great responsibilities, or in other words, lots and lots of assignments, group activities, driving up and down, rotting in the cafeteria/library you name it. bahhh. 

oh, did i mention tonnes of last minute-ing?


#2 anxious - can't wait to use my new PINK shaker hahaha! bought just now ;D
oh plus i just washed my pencil case, it's so cute woo~
and and and also can't wait to use new bag. LMAO

#3 sad - like i said, with school brings great responsibilities.
frankly speaking, i hate responsibilities and want nothing to do with it. but what the heck? haha
byebye sleeping till i wake up naturally,
byebye online-ing whole day and stop only to eat
byebye .. whatever i did during my long summer break lah. haha

and as you can see, i'm getting lazier and lazier nowadays. i don't even blog anymore T_T
what the is wrong with me?!!
so wish me luck with my "studying during break time plan"
as if it'll work.

but i'll try my best lah. don't wanna barely pass like last year :(
i wanna be the best (:

not best best, amongst the best also can. hahaha

today's lunch:
walauu this pizza damn yummy man T,T
too bad it was slightly cold when i ate it : (

after church, bro went to the car shop Option to do some more upgrades.
don't know why he so much money for all these lah.
boys will be boys.
i guess ?

howw come i don't see Bryan, Daryl doing anything with their cars one?!
even Terry who's like the rich ass in our group never do such things also. haha !

wow from this pic his car looks like Merce. hahaha!
credits to the AWESOME photographer. ^^

crap my stomach hurts need to go now.

pics of me in case y'all miss me. and if you don't, I DON'T NEED TO KNOW.
*fake smile*

all no edit one arh. like i said, DAMN LAZY. T3T

last pic like got use eye liner eh. next time no need waste money buy liao. hahaha


gonna try change group tomorrow. wish me luck ppl!



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