Friday, February 12, 2010


*WARNING* this is a zero picture post!

just back from breakfast with da jie, sushi, Yun Hui, Jia Ying, Jeen Yan and Lester! 
it was fun. long time didn't see Sushi. hoho really missed her. (: 
and glad to see da jie again, scare this'll be the last time i can meet her :( she'll be leaving for NZ soon. aghh !

was supposed to meet them at Boulevard last night.. but well, something happened... 
and i'm here to blog about that something

ahh it all happened too suddenly. like, one second i was happily driving (okay not really i was doing something else as well *guilty*) then the next thing i knew i heard this defeaning 'BOOM' sound. 
and i was like OMG this cannot be happening to me. 

i mean, i've never been in a car accident before bah.. =S 
guess that made me a lil' cocky lor. like "impossible i'll be involved in an accident"

but it really did happen. i was text messaging (i know i got myself into this so don't give me that look) and then i hit the car in front of me. 
the guy stopped, so i stopped too. went down and took a look. at first glance it seemed like nothing happened lor. so i was sort of relief? and i asked him "err ok ka?"

he glared at me wtf 
and said "macam mana leh amoi?

woahh he looked like death. so so fierce the face 
frightened me T.T

then i don't know what to do mar. so i said, "err.. you gimme your number then .."
him: "later you run away how??"

then i was like.. err true also hor. HAHAHA

so he asked me to drive in front cos we were blocking. and there's this police truck there. and dono why at the time i thought it was an ambulance. ZZZ
so i said "err ambulance there ka?"

there was a pause. 
and he said 
"mana ambulance. police sana lah!"

only then i realized how screwed i was. imagine, getting the police involved! walauuu !
i thought for sure my license bye bye liao
scared the hell outta me T__T 

then i started trembling wtf

turns out the police were well... funny. haha!
stopped the car there, only then i noticed his car.. the back bumper came off -___-
damn strong ler me. HAHA

then the police said to me "amoi your car leh?"
only then i realized i haven't even look at my car yet. =( 
miraculously, no damage at all! (: 

then the police(s) started making jokes, saying "waa kuat hor Vios. next time saya mau beli Vios juga.
(wow Vios so strong hor, next time i also wanna buy vios.)


damn lame one. 

then the guy was calling his friend asking how much to change his bumper.
when i asked he said

i choked, literally. took a deep breath, then asked
"err.. 3.5k?"


they all laughed at me -___-
then the guy (finally) smiled and said,
"3.5k.. 3 hundred 50 lah.
if 3.5k i can change new engine liao lor."

so phew. what a relief HAHA

so the guy asked me to call my dad. ahh.. i was shocked.. i wanted to uknow.. settle this without involving my parents :(
guhh and i broke down when calling. like i realized this is out of my hands? :S
and also i was afraid dad'll kill me. -___-

then they all laughed at me, AGAIN!!
"waaa.. crying ah amoi?"

i wanted to say YES I AM CAN'T YOU SEE. !

bahh so in the end dad and mum came over. settled everything and went home :O
thank God I had Cryssy to confide to. hehe thanks girl ! ;D

ok lah i'm fine now. better go pack. going Marudi soon! hoohoooo!!

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