Monday, February 8, 2010

unforgettable experience

the past few days were pretty hectic, but still, it was fun! ;D
I'm still very tired from all that happened. 

went to sing k saturday night, with a bunch of 'new' friends !
by new, I mean, first time we go sing k with them. ahaha

at first got bit paiseh lah, but Yen Ru damn funny one, so okay a bit, my thick face come back again. 
played 'Chou Dai Di' with them. 
damn fun ok! next time Awhyo sing k should bring cards so can play when you're not singing too. :P 

c3, Kri and I left early. then we went to eat something opposite Ming's there.
so funny lor. we were all freaked out by the number of LA's there. c3 was worried they'll snatch her bag. 
so we quickly drink then bought beef burgers across the road and headed home.

I followed Kri to her car. then she was struggling to open it but couldn't.
she looked up at me with a worried look. then asked me to go try open it. really knot open. 
so I tried at the passenger door. and as I was turning the key, i noticed a plastic on the seat. and was like, eii? just now got plastic at the seat meh? O.o

and at that moment, Kri said, "eh? this not my car hah??"

and at THAT moment as well, we both looked up and saw the real owner of the car, walking toward us, and pointing to Kri's car. - which is behind HIS car. wtf wtf
LMAO ahhh
we were so anxious to get home, we forgot that we parked behind the car, same colour same type one. HAHAHA

really scared ourselves there -__-

so Kri sent me back. then I opened the door, and to my horror, it's double locked already. double wtf. 

so I was practically locked out. !
tried the back door, but to no avail, it was locked too. :S

my bro must have thought that I was home already, cos I didn't drive. FTS
so I had to sleep in the patio, with the hamsters. -___-
didn't want to call mum or dad, so I tried calling my brother. 
the pig was fast asleep!! grrrr 
3rd time the phone rang, he even answered it in his sleep =.=
waste my credit! ROAR

so pity lil' me spent the night there. haha
funny part is, I actually enjoyed it. LOL
spending time with them hamsters. wakaka

but they smell

not only that, sometimes the wind blew and it was damn cold! no blanket leh!
and the patio chairs aren't sofa's lor.. it's like damn hard one ~.~
but i managed to sleep lah, 1st time woke up cos a mosquito bit me. hahaha!

so shiok one. and when I couldn't sleep, I'll walk around, stretch here and there. then check the time -_-
round 3am like that, the sky was actually orange in colour. O.O

thank God my phone didn't die on me. still managed to msg with Kri awhile. even tweeted throughout the night. haha LOLOL!!

then at 5am? ++ i think, I was awake again, so I walked around the house, and then the newspaper guy came! haha
i quickly hid behind my car, dun wan the guy to see me and think what this girl doing up so early in the morning (i haven't changed hor)

plus, i look like Ke$ha. wtf HAHAHA

messy hair, smudged eye liner. omgggg!!

but well, I'm still alive. oh yeh baby :D

630am finally i got my ass inside my house. so lied down awhile. few minutes later, dad woke me ask me get ready for church. .___.

so there. hahaha!!
damn funny. I laugh thinking bout what happened after the sing k session. ROFL

then Sunday afternoon, we celebrated Terry's birthday. (:
he's 20 soon, Feb11th's the exact date. 

but he dun give face one lor. wear so smart oh, turns out he's going to Grand Palace for lunch with his family after!!

so he didn't even eat lerh. just drink only. even when cake time, he didn't want to eat the cake. we beg him only then he took one bite. :( 


suan liao you. hope u like your present!! 
cos seems like u didn't really enjoyed the celebration. =X 

damn tired + lazy to upload pix. haha
will upload them in next post, maybe? 

going for a picnic with Doreen and da gang later.! woohooo~~~ :P

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