Monday, September 27, 2010

holiday day #1

Sim Chia Wee, THIS is what we call editing ok! :P

 today's Monday, but no Monday blues for me! :D
cause it's the holidays! hip hip hooray! don't you just love how Curtin is generous in giving its students holidays? seems like we have holiday every few weeks. LOL

well, SS, Kri, Daryl, PL and I went to Hartz Chicken Buffet yesterday. it was so so. not really worth the money. but i loved the ice cream! and the chicken also not bad  ;]
enjoyed the Coleslaw, and more importantly, enjoyed talking with them all. haha <3

Friday had abc with Jac and Yin Ming, then off to the beach ;D
after that, we met up with Bobby at Parkson's bowling alley. zomg guess who i saw there? none other than Noorul♥ !

both our reaction damn funny.she actually hid behind her bf and tried to run away from me -_-
me on the other hand, gasped damn loudly when i realized it was her, then stood there unable to move. HAHAHA
good times, good times :)

 we left Parkson via Curtin bus (lol sakai) then went back down town using Bobby's car for dinner. we actually camwhored inside the bus. and the bus damn luxurious one lor! :3

had dinner at.. King City? i think.. yea not bad, bloated after. then we headed to Progress. CS! :D
woohoo. hahaha.

so enough with the words. time for pics! :)

chocolate milkshake. made some for musketeers when they came over for mooncakes.

all four of us wore the SouLNation shirt. haha quite cute one. the pics are with Jac but she hasn't uploaded them yet.
we walked around the neighbourhood with our lanterns, but got bored after awhile. so we headed to Ming's. but everyone was tired and sleepy by then. haha so kinda moodless la our mooncake celebration :s

yay brothers.

we wore matching colors that day ;D

and and and, DAD SAID MY CONTACTS NOT NICE!! :(((
he said look like mata juling (crossed eye). got meh!!! T___T

noob. ^-^

hahaha me fooling around with bro's X-Board. i look like a 12 year old kid. ;DDDDDD

okay that's all. it's so boring. :(
holidays don't seem like holidays when you don't got no money.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

it's been way too long

it seems like lately i'm quite fond of little kids.
watching them laughing, playing together, not needing to worry about assignment due dates and whether they have a sample to 'refer' from. where there is no Monday blues, and every day of the week makes no difference as long as you have a friend to play on the slides with. and your biggest worry is whether you've missed your favorite cartoon show.

i really miss those days. those happy, innocent days.
can we still be like that? as grown ups, adults. can we just for a second, throw away all our worries and woes, and live our lives like 5 year olds?

haha yea that'd be nice. :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

正种 emo

hello there. i have nothing to do. can't fall asleep. trying to force myself to do my works, but somehow i always end up editing pics, or refreshing Twitter and Facebook. why oh why can't i get my head in the game? come on, Melo. mid term is here, why aren't you arsed about studying? :( 

owh well. since i've already edited the pics, might as well post them up here.  :] 


"See the pyramids around the Nile, watch the sun rise from the Tropic Isle
Just remember darling, all the while you belong to me"  - You Belong To Me, Jason Wade

 celebrated Musketeer Yin Ming's birthday at Barcelona last Friday. we had a great time there. cam-whoring and whatnot. pictures took using Jacq's camera, and edited by yours truly.

pretty girl :) 

"Move along, move along like I know you do.
 and even when your hope is gone. 
Move along, move along just to make it through" 
                                                                               - Move Along, All American Rejects.

the little chicken so cute. haha <3 

"我飞行 但你坠落之际 很靠近 爱听见呼吸 对不起 我却没捉紧你" - 王力宏 《你不知道的事》

my one and only, Jacq dalring. :)

"The Legendary Couple." - Bobby Tie. 
hahaha *snorts* 

look alike? xD 

the original Musketeers.♥

"对着镜子我承诺 迟早我会换这张脸应对笑容 不算什么 爱错就爱错 早点认错 早一点解脱" - Hebe 《寂寞寂寞就好》

 act cool meh?! ;D

no matter what happens, smile always. 'cause you never know, someone might be falling in love with your smile. 

open day 2010

ham face!  :D

went to Curtin Open Day on Saturday. the weather was nice <3
had fun all in all.
bumped into awhyo there. ahaha! Doris Ting also went. :)

here are the buys for that day. hahaha *happy face*

cupcake made by Mr Roy's wifeyy ;]

hoho bought this cute cactus for mum <3

and we Musketeers bought this shirt. SOUL NATION. C:
cute hor the design? ehehe.

evo presentation pic from forever ago. love the poster ahahaa :P
why am i so short? and plump. :(

emo emo. haha

Sunday, September 19, 2010

happy birthday Chelsea :)

attended Chels' sweet sixteen birthday party Friday night. she had a grand celebration at Marriot.
everyone was all dressed up, except for well.. my bro and i. hahaha! and to my utmost horror, i actually forgot to tell my brother that we're supposed to wear something white. *gulps.

well.. i didn't know that everyone would take it literally. like, almost all the people wore white all over. +_+
so i kept on laughing and said to my bro: "chill, act like we belong."
and even ushered him to find a 'spot' and stand there, so we won't seem so lost. 

there were tonnes of people there. and i must say, the sei kia's in Riam quite cute hor. ahaha ;]]
it was kinda awkward at first, but once we found a table, things started to look up. lolol. even made friends with the brother and sister sitting at our table. (what a coincidence i thought they were a couple at first)

Chels looked amazing that night. haha. love her dimples :D
she and her aunt look cute together. haha 
too bad i only managed to take one pic during the whole party. lolol! *points up*

ANYWAYS, in that pic, 16 guys with roses and 16 girls holding candles said sweet words to Chels. awww i almost teared up at this part i don't know why. :x

after that, there were some dance performance, and also MAGIC! ;D
and also some games and competition to win mp3 and mp4 !
and i believe they danced til midnight? but i didn't know cause i left before that. ahaha. had a musketeer outing to attend. busy busy :P

anyways, thanks for the invite,Chels. you're still so young. and i guess part of me sees you as the younger sister i never had. (awww) the part where we lined up and threw confetti as you walk pass, i almost teared up as well. i guess i must have imagined how happy you were? hahaha. why am i so crazy emotional one +_+

happy birthday, Chels! all the best in everything. :)
more importantly, be happy always.

zomg. am so gonna ace my midterm tomorrow cause i'm using this pen. wahaha <3

happy birthday CHELS!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

hey bitches ;]

been busy the past few days. firstly, went Raya visiting on Thursday. went to our hubby's open house. Doreen, Amanda and I share him wtf ;D
anyways it was the first time seeing him. didn't really know how to eat the food as most of it were kinda spicy. ehehe
and i saw this guy with the prettiest face ever. he looks so much like a girl, but doesn't look ghey at all. i mean, how does he pull it off? D:
damn. so good looking. haha *wipes drool*

after that, we went to the beach with Joan and Doreen. we goofed off there. took lots of pictures while we were there. so i guess that's it? just pictures for now.

gonna help out in Curtin's Open Day later on today. (it's 3AM now wth) please do drop by :D
went to Chels' sweet sixteen just now. it was fun, gonna blog bout it in my next post. urm.. Chels, if you're reading this, can post some of the pics in your blog ah? so i can blog too? lolol!
and after her party, celebrated Yin Ming's birthday at Barcelona. ;]]
what an eventful day for me. haha


Thursday morning, went breakfast with Curtini. ;))
hoohoo. okayy just realized that i didn't take any pictures of them! only one with ah Wee. hahaha
we had breakfast at 925. after that, walked round Parkson before heading back. wooh~

oh menarik gila! xD

/█\ /█\ ♥..

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


presentation is over ;DD

too bad i screwed up! *SAD*
after screwing up, only then i realize that we only have one presentation per semester and i should have done my best by memorizing my lines (obviously which i didn't do), so that i won't stutter while giving my speech. why oh why didn't i bother ?! 

so anyways, dun care liao lah. it's over already ngehehe :D
had abc with awhyo. woohoo miss my airen! <3 and my darling Susan and laopo Kri. :)) Doris Ting absent!! grrr

nothing much to say. oh wait, maybe got a little bit things to say:

urm.. seems like i'm putting him higher and higher in my priority list. is like, if i don't see him it'll bring my mood down. or if i do see him and he doesn't say hi to me it'll bring my mood down as well. what the hell? but sadly, i am nothing to him. i know i mean nothing to him. i can be right in front of him talking to him and he can't even hear me. *sigh*
i think it's better to not have crushes. and more importantly don't put too much emotions into your crush. haha
okayy tomorrow is the holidays. i will forget about you tomorrow :)

now a vain pic to blind you all. wahaha. i assure you that it is not edited!! it's the sunlight making me look so so fair :P woots!