Wednesday, September 1, 2010

hello september! (:

 all the sakai photo's from Wee's phone. hahaha
so ham woi! D:

neways, was dragged out of the house by sim chia wee and katty. lolol. went to parkson, then walked to Imperial xD
sad to say i didn't bought anything :(

just eat eat eat only. apuhhh ~
i think i gained weight already. ahaha. so much for shredding some pounds during the hols. my bro, on the other hand, has shrinked yo! his clothes look oversized for him wtfff screw him and his determination ;DD

hmm.. might go and straighten my fringe tomorrow.. but kinda lazy too. aduhh.. decisions decisions :/
maybe i should spend all my money and bring a bottle of plain water everywhere i go so i won't be tempted to spend my money on food. good idea, ei? :P

ROFL - playing StarCraft with TzeJing at Wee's. damnnnn i lost to him!! boohooohooooo

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