Monday, September 13, 2010


ahaha. gift from Karen babe! <3
the Hello Kitty plastic is cute to the max! :3 and thanks for the book too, haven't started reading cos i'm so lazy. hahaha
thanks so much babe♥ (:

the book looks so magical. maybe really got magic! ehehe ;]

the past few days were great. Friday was the Raya holidays \m/
was supposed to go visiting with Doreen, but sadly i had allergy, my whole body itched and my lips were swollen. wtf
so no visiting for me on that day :(
instead, i visited the doctor.... sad case.
the visit was short, he gave me some pills and cream, which i didn't use. i just took one pill and the itch stopped.! wow woww. not immediately la.. at the end of the day. haha

at night, went out with Jac and Bobby. lost to Bobby in Starcraft. SAD
so ended up playing Maplestory. met Karen babe there too. (virtually)  lolol
after that, we decided last minute to catch the 1145pm Resident Evil. damnnn is like first time in ages my dad allows me to stay out so late.
too bad tickets were sold out except the front two rows.
so we had supper at Six Thousand Cafe.

Saturday, went to Mr Roy's open house. ah Vian went too. met up with her round DPS, was supposed to go there together (in the same car) but both of us wanted to drive so we drove there together. lolol.

Mr Roy's children are adorable!! omg omg
and i love their names too. so meaningful and sounds damn nice. :3
and i found my new love there too - Harit!! <3

it was love at first sight. wahaha.
you say cute anot!!!

ah Vian with the lil kids.
most left is Mr Roy's eldest daughter, Katrinna, then Hani. Harit <3 and Hassan!
haha Hassan is so cute laaa. even more so when he speaks chinese. ZOMG :D

the only pic we took with Mr Roy in it. hahaha !
sorry we got distracted by the cute kids. :))

she's so prettyyyy!! :3


the ever photo-ready Hassan. haha he's so cute!
Harit looking at Hani! children. woohoo`~ ADORABLE !

look at him look at him!!! hahahhaa <3
omg i just noticed that Hassan is like glaring at Harit. LOL!

hahaha!! i'm not an ah lian. just following Ultraman. :P

last but not least,


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