Sunday, September 19, 2010

happy birthday Chelsea :)

attended Chels' sweet sixteen birthday party Friday night. she had a grand celebration at Marriot.
everyone was all dressed up, except for well.. my bro and i. hahaha! and to my utmost horror, i actually forgot to tell my brother that we're supposed to wear something white. *gulps.

well.. i didn't know that everyone would take it literally. like, almost all the people wore white all over. +_+
so i kept on laughing and said to my bro: "chill, act like we belong."
and even ushered him to find a 'spot' and stand there, so we won't seem so lost. 

there were tonnes of people there. and i must say, the sei kia's in Riam quite cute hor. ahaha ;]]
it was kinda awkward at first, but once we found a table, things started to look up. lolol. even made friends with the brother and sister sitting at our table. (what a coincidence i thought they were a couple at first)

Chels looked amazing that night. haha. love her dimples :D
she and her aunt look cute together. haha 
too bad i only managed to take one pic during the whole party. lolol! *points up*

ANYWAYS, in that pic, 16 guys with roses and 16 girls holding candles said sweet words to Chels. awww i almost teared up at this part i don't know why. :x

after that, there were some dance performance, and also MAGIC! ;D
and also some games and competition to win mp3 and mp4 !
and i believe they danced til midnight? but i didn't know cause i left before that. ahaha. had a musketeer outing to attend. busy busy :P

anyways, thanks for the invite,Chels. you're still so young. and i guess part of me sees you as the younger sister i never had. (awww) the part where we lined up and threw confetti as you walk pass, i almost teared up as well. i guess i must have imagined how happy you were? hahaha. why am i so crazy emotional one +_+

happy birthday, Chels! all the best in everything. :)
more importantly, be happy always.

zomg. am so gonna ace my midterm tomorrow cause i'm using this pen. wahaha <3

happy birthday CHELS!

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