Sunday, September 5, 2010

new header yeaaa ;D

so...... how you like me new header? cos i love love lovesss it! (:

it was supposed to be like this. but i decided to put in me and Kim Hyung Jun's faces, because i am ham that way ;DD
 yay yay i'm so happy with the header now. wooh~~ <3


bah.. Sunday already. yet i haven't even straightened my front hair  :/
why am i so lazy?
i guess i'll just have to find the right time again.. :3

neways, this morning at church, my mum and dad laughed at me, they said my 12year old brother is taller than me. where got???? 

i'm taller right?? right????? wtf

sakai pic. ^_^

youngest bro, showing off his magic. lolol

look at them. cute bah :D

woohoo. this is after mask-ing last midnight
but hair still so so dry. :(

school starts tomorrow! excited, NOT. ;]]

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