Tuesday, September 21, 2010

正种 emo

hello there. i have nothing to do. can't fall asleep. trying to force myself to do my works, but somehow i always end up editing pics, or refreshing Twitter and Facebook. why oh why can't i get my head in the game? come on, Melo. mid term is here, why aren't you arsed about studying? :( 

owh well. since i've already edited the pics, might as well post them up here.  :] 


"See the pyramids around the Nile, watch the sun rise from the Tropic Isle
Just remember darling, all the while you belong to me"  - You Belong To Me, Jason Wade

 celebrated Musketeer Yin Ming's birthday at Barcelona last Friday. we had a great time there. cam-whoring and whatnot. pictures took using Jacq's camera, and edited by yours truly.

pretty girl :) 

"Move along, move along like I know you do.
 and even when your hope is gone. 
Move along, move along just to make it through" 
                                                                               - Move Along, All American Rejects.

the little chicken so cute. haha <3 

"我飞行 但你坠落之际 很靠近 爱听见呼吸 对不起 我却没捉紧你" - 王力宏 《你不知道的事》

my one and only, Jacq dalring. :)

"The Legendary Couple." - Bobby Tie. 
hahaha *snorts* 

look alike? xD 

the original Musketeers.♥

"对着镜子我承诺 迟早我会换这张脸应对笑容 不算什么 爱错就爱错 早点认错 早一点解脱" - Hebe 《寂寞寂寞就好》

 act cool meh?! ;D

no matter what happens, smile always. 'cause you never know, someone might be falling in love with your smile. 

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