Wednesday, September 1, 2010


seems like nothing is going right for me..
the fact that i don't have money is stressing me out. i feel like buying so many things yet i can't cause' if i do, i might use up the little money i have left.

and the fact that my so called 'parents' can't be arsed to buy me things is really pissing me off.
when i say things, i don't mean material stuffs like clothes, bags or shoes, i know very damn well you will never in your right mind buy me any of those things so all these while i've been buying those stuffs with my own money.!!

by things, i mean shit like shampoo, hamster food and facial cleansers. why can't you just think on my behalf for once?
i don't have a part time job anymore. the allowance you're giving is barely enough for me to survive. if i still use my own money to buy shampoo, it's like suicide. it'll take less than a month for me to go officially bankrupt.

have you ever cared about how i feel? i have needs too.
for the first time in my life, i'm considering ways to die that don't involve me rotting in hell. so if anyone knows any, please leave a comment so i can finally leave this fucking world.

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