Sunday, August 29, 2010

lame #2

this morning before going to church, we stopped by my 12-year-old-brother's friend's house as he spent the night there.
my gosh, you should have seen the size of the house, or should i say, mansion.

as the gates opened, we saw a garage at the side. i didn't paid much attention as i was still half awake but i did noticed two land cruisers. the ninja turtle king sized one. the price of the two added together is already more than my house! (i think?) and yeah, there were even more cars there.

when my brother entered the car, his face was plastered with a goofy grin. i guess sleeping inside a mansion has a way of making one happy.
anyways, he mentioned his friend's uncle owning two Ferrari's.
so i quickly looked back at the garage, and sure enough, there they were: two freakin' yellow Ferrari's. why in the world would someone need two Ferrari's is beyond me.

that morning during breakfast, i cracked a lame joke. hehehe

me: who's your friend oh... why so rich one? 
bro: *Alvin (name altered to protect privacy)

me: your friend got brother or not? *hamsap face* 

-mum heard me say this- 

bro: no oh.. but cousin got lah. 

mum: how bout his uncle?...

bro: already married.

HAHAHA never knew my mum had a funny bone in her ROFLMAO! and it was funny how my brother didn't wait for mum to finish her question and straightaway answered her. hahaha
mum and i couldn't stop laughing after that conversation.
the lady who brought us our drinks gave us the wtf?! look.

dad asked us what we were laughing about. mum told him and immediately i got a whole lecture on how i should not "be with a guy just because he's rich", lecture included how rich men can easily cheat because they have money, and also how rich men won't have enough time to spend with their children because they're too busy making more money.

P/s that's just my dad being well, dad.  so if you're a rich man, please do not be offended ;]

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