Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day 13 - A picture of your friends

hehehe one of me favourite topics to blog about -- FRIENDS :) 

well.. lazy to elaborate, just check out the pix yeah ;]] 

6M primary classmates gathering 

celebrate SS's birthday at Krispe Kreme ;P 

met with Jess babe yo! (she's the leng lui in the middle :D)

delicia! (most left) 

c3 and her bf. (special guest ahaha)

abigail, candy, siaw ling, and yen ru. 

i really like this pic :D

hoho zaika friends :) 

me, Katty, Mala, Yasmin and Wee! 

with Siaw Ing and ah Bong during the site visit. lollol 


ah Vian <3

mr Roy and Mei Yuk :)) 

Alex Chai and Rohit.

Kelly ;D 

Wan Yeng ! :) 

Chee!! my love. ahaha~ 

Rita, middle one. 

Cathe. i look so round T_T 

JR! without da jie :( 

3 musketeers :D

4 musketeers ;DD 

yay yay got da jie here :))

Terry, Kri and me. wooh my hair so long LOL! 

Wee <3

Katty! <3

my ham face and hello kitty! :) 

Malaaaaa ~ 

sushi and ah ha~ 

at CY's housee ! making sushi i think :P 

HAHAHA good times!! 


with dalring. ahaha! 

Joan and Doreen <3

hahaha super old pic!! with Mr Anthony, Terry and Daryl!! 

Zahidah, Noorul and Rizal !

haha ! 

angels in disguise >;) 


nett moi!!

what was i thinking posing like that?! wtf

oh i love my ghey friends too.. ;D

sapo's. HAHA! 
Yuki ! 

remember this? :O 

my best friend and lester. xD

Yong Wei, met her while working in Boulevard :) 

Crystal! :D

retards.! ;P 

with Doreen and Amanda. crazy people! :P

 Chelsss ! :D

at pizza hut. omg PL so ah lian that time D:

sexiest bag model ever ;]

Curtini aka Jian Ren Tuan! <3

tennis. hahaha 

Anne ~

ah Vian <3

and last but not least, a picture of my youngest brother cos he's just sooooooo cute! :3

*pinch cheeks* >_< 

hahaha alot of pics ei? i know i know some of them are repetitive. but.. you have to admit some of the pics are funneyy :P 


PS: this post is so out of topic -_-

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