Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 04 - A picture of where you went today (FAIL)

erm.. i went nowhere special today. just school. and then the park for some jogging.
but i guess that counts as well?  :| (no pics though)

my lunch today. Prawn Mee. yumms ~

nobody signed up for Bowling Club just now. kinda sad :'(
hope more people will join ..

my poser pencil case! *shake head*

feel so down now.. cut my hair yesterday. and it's still so dry!! walau?!
cut the dry part still dry. can i just shave my head and wear a wig?? yea i really have a sudden urge to do just that. sigh..

feeling so sad now.. hair dry jiu suan liao. shorter, and the shape very ugly.

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