Thursday, August 5, 2010

if there's one thing i can't live without, it's friends.
who would want to live this life alone, right? whether we like it or not, we all need someone to be there, to go through the good and the bad with us.
someone who knows us more than we know ourselves, and is willing to listen to our problems.
someone, whom we call friend.

and i'm glad to say that i have many friends. each one of them special in their own way. though they are far away, i still look back on our days together and it puts a smile on my face :) 

Sunday was Musketeer Day. spent most of the day with them musketeers. we went to the pc fair. then had ice at Snow City. my coffee flavored one is delicious!
after that i left for church, then rejoined them for dinner at SixThousand Cafe.
after dinner, we played pool. Bobby wasn't playing well that night. we lost ahaha but we had fun nevertheless

that night, Jac slept over at my place. didn't do much talking cos i was tired. she onlined thru the night while i slept like a pig. LOL!
Bobby so evil lor, he chatted with her on msn and when Jac told him i was already sleeping, he said :

"waa she ask you go her house to watch her sleep ah?"

-___- wtf

we woke up so so late the next day! then we had brunch at 2020. Yin Ming joined us awhile later.
after brunch, head up to school. (SAD)


fast forward to Wednesday morning! lunched at Banana Leaf. finally. finallyyyy met up with c3!! damn miss her! :3
and yipee i get to meet her bf too! Susan will be so jealous muahaha.

awhyo! <3

me and Doris hiding behind our phones.
she was goofy and happy today. haha i like this version of Olic Ting. you should be this happy more often. :>

nasi lemak. honestly, the chicken meat looks pathetic lar.. so small. then the sambal so little. 
but i was full. so am not gonna complain further.

peach lassi. not bad larh! but kinda too sweet. ahaha.
Zaika's best!! though the one there is sweet also. :O

neways, we got our pay just now!! :D :D :D
how nice of them to not deduct our pay despite the fact that we were late most of the time.
i checked my punch card, i was on time 6 out of 30 days. i kid you not. i'm so hardcore i love myself. :)

they're going to the crocodile farm tomorrow but i can't join cos i have class!
saddeningggg  :/

can't wait for my airen to come back! wahaha~ and my babe, and my darling. wooh~ Bryan Goh you coming back anot?
happy happy :)

P/S : C3 said i become prettier liao. *evil chuckle*

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