Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day 14 - A picture of you and a few friends

hehehe. 7 out of 13 members present. ;D
last night, my airen chia-ed us Pizza Hut cos she lost a bet. muahahaaa~

yay had fun spending time with them. sorry to Kri and Doris though.. they have exams the next day yet i still force them to come just cos i want to see them :s

and todayyy~ SS, C3 and Daryl came to Curtin! wooh~ hahaha
showed them around campus, nothing much to see actually. heheh i think SS only interested in looking at guys lor *ahemm
but so nice lah they come visit though the weather was so so hot D:

have a safe flight tomorrow, airen!! (:
Daryl Soon too!

can't wait for Raya to come. Bryan, Susan and SS coming back again. haha plan for our sushi trip kay!? i broke also must go!! wakaka <3

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