Wednesday, August 4, 2010

i want an E72!

school's in, holiday's are out. *BIG FAT SIGH*

weird thing is, i kinda miss working at Zaika, though the pay is so so.
i miss arriving late in the morning, and running up two flight of stairs, as if that'll make any difference. (i'm already late after all)
i miss sweeping the floor every morning, though sometimes it seems like i'm sweeping imaginary dirt.
i miss chillin' with Cathe and Chee and chatting til it's time for the restaurant to open.
i miss watching Cathe and Engdang fight.
i miss standing up quickly whenever the door opens. (wtf)
i miss sleeping like a pig in the vip room.
i miss waiting for customers to come yet feel annoyed whenever the first customer enters.
i miss talking to my brother while the Indian chefs look cluelessly at us.
i miss drinking free mango lassi!
i miss eating bread with them.
i miss Conrado and his funny jokes.
i miss Ate Hermie's cute laugh.
i miss cursing evil customers in my head.
i miss staring at handsome angmoh's hoping they'll catch my eye and smile at me! ;)
i miss goofing off with Cathe and Chee.
i miss buying coffee from the store downstairs.

there's so many things i miss there. it's like a part of me was left behind :\
i really miss the place, if only the pay was higher, say like, rm100 a day? wahaha!

when oh when will my hands touch money again? :|


Anonymous said...

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MeLo♥ said...

sure ;]]